You Need Social Media Marketing in 2015

People ARE Spending Money Again

If you want them to spend it with you, control your social media marketing space!

You know the catch words—Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest. If you don’t OWN your marketing niche, at least on those sites, you gotta get hip! Social media marketing moves qualified website traffic, or targeted attention, right to your website. That’s where you convert interest to SALES! No matter what your product, you gotta control your social media marketing space.

How You Control Your Social Media Marketing Niche

It’s simple! Just three logical steps.

  1. Build a qualified audience.
  2. Engage those interested folks in a long-term conversation.
  3. Make all that traffic morph into the gold of marketing—CONVERSIONS!

Yeah, yeah yeah, but how the heck is that accomplished? How do you turn millions of people into a pool of targeted prospects who can’t wait to surf to your website and are panting to turn into conversions?

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6 BIG Ways to Make Your Marketing Dreams Come True

Whether you’re an artist, writer, lawyer, real estate guru, or the best tutor that ever lived, you can improve your online personna with our straight-forward advice:

  • Listen more, talk less. If you’re always shouting, how will you know what your prospects need and want? Offer value-added comments. De-clutter your posts. Listen!
  • Specialize, even if you do everything, focus your message on what you do the very best.
  • Quality posts. I’d rather have a core of very targeted followers who like to see my posts, enjoy responding, and are interested in what I do, than tens of thousands of button-clickers who collect bragging rights.
  • Let some grass grow. Relationships don’t happen in a single tweet. You’re in this for the long haul—solid growth of long term business. Build it and they will come, and stay.
  • Be an expert. Google calls it and it means you are a real person. It means you know your stuff. It means you speak truth.
  • Right back at them—you need to respond, retweet, like, follow, and engage. If you give back, you’ll be their hero.

Followers care what you share to make their challenges seem less challenging. Give each reader something worth reading. Make them nod their heads in agreement or in epiphany. Then they’ll share you with their friends.

OnText Puts YOUR Best Foot Forward

Contract with us and we’ll tailor a program to suit your needs, your goals, and your budget. We guarantee we’ll invest time in your social media presence to build strong, qualified, lasting relationships that bring you revenue stream opportunities. We put our time into it, so you can do what you do best—manage your business.

If you promise to be available, cordial, and knowledgable when your customers reach out and become conversions, we promise to make them want to know you. We’ll get them to you—ready willing and able to be your customers. Reach out to us—don’t waste one more minute! The coversation is everything!

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