1001 Brilliant Ideas for Writers to Steal — New Ebook Cures Writers’ Block!

1001 brilliant ideas

You write? You gotta have this book!

What writer hasn’t struggled with writers’ block, sometimes every time she sits  down to write? Deadlines loom. Editors gnash their teeth. Words don’t come. Oh! The pain of it! But no more, writers. You can power-up your writing career and meet those deadlines, publish those ebooks, learn how to make money as a writer even when your brain is in low gear. You must put a copy of POWER-UP YOUR WRITING CAREER—1001 Brilliant Ideas for Any Writer to Steal, on your desktop right now!

This nicely written e-book (I know, because I wrote it) was over a year in the making. You will sell writings based on these prompts, suggestions, and brainstorming ideas. Count them, there are more than 1001 for you to make your own. Actually we counted 1135. The prompts are grouped into best-selling categories like family and memories, pets, technology, and coming of age. Here are some benefits for you, the writer or author.

  1. You’ll never again stare at a blank screen or pad of paper without an idea to grab hold of.
  2. It’s easy now to focus on your craft instead of struggling to figure out a topic.
  3. 1001 Brilliant Ideas is packed with proven tips and hints for working writers — you will make more money.
  4. As you use this handy writer’s reference, you’ll develop a sharper brainstorming skill to make ideas come to you faster, easier.
  5. You’ll find writing subjects for books, articles, ebooks, short stories, memoirs, and business writing. Your possibilities become endless.
  6. Each prompt is formulated to spark your creativity and encourage you to think deeper.
  7. You will power-up your writing career faster than you ever thought possible.

Buy the book — it’ll be the best gift you’ve given yourself in a long time. Once you begin to work your own magic with 1001 Brilliant Ideas, call on me any time if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. We’re partners now!

Go ahead and buy this terrific addition to your writers’ toolbox!
POWER-UP YOUR WRITING CAREER 1001 Brilliant Ideas for Any Writer to Steal

1001 brilliant ideas




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