Freewriting – The easy way to cure writers’ block

free yourself from writers' block

Freewriting liberates your muse

Here’s a brain relaxer for writers and authors who claim to suffer from that great inky malady, writers’ block. Freewriting is a neat trick that gets your brain flowing and your words onto paper or into pixels with a minimum of effort. Freewriting is fun. You may learn a lot. Some of the most famous authors use free writing to jump-start creative juices. Try it, you may like it. Or you can just suffer with writers’ block.

Freewriting — you don’t edit yourself or constrain yourself to conventions or rules. You concern yourself only with thoughts and feelings, not with structure, syntax, grammar or perfection. Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard (pen to paper is preferable for tactile delight) and just let random-ness take over.  Write a single word in the center of your document and then draw radiating arms outward with thoughts at the ends of the arms. Another idea is simply to ask yourself a question and then write whatever you find in your mind.

The goal of freewriting is to allow mind and hand to work, while programmed sets of rules take a rest. You’ll write from a deeper place in your psyche if you can manage to suspend structure and let the ideas flow. Have at it.

Free Write Practice

For 15 minutes only. Set a clock! When you’re done read what you’ve written. Don’t edit it, and put it away. Look at it again tomorrow and see if there is a word, a thought, a line that appeals to you. If so – save that. If not, repeat the exercise.

Write, in freewriting style, about the most frightening or intimidating thing that ever happened to you.


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