21st Century SEO

Stop Begging for LINKS and LIKES.

SEO 2014


Stop Worrying About KEYWORDS

Establish Your Content Authority

In one hour, I brought a new client’s search engine result from invisible—to fourth on the first SERP (search enging result page). In one week, we met his keyword goals without even looking at keywords, and I’ll tell you how to do it. OnText is going to  make your website, product, book, or blog visible and viable online in today’s web environment. Contact me before another day of invisibility goes by. I’ll stand by you and teach you how to rise above the noise online.

So What’s Wrong with Keywords??

In early 2013 Google took a huge bite out of keyword effectiveness by reformulating the way the search engine establishes the value of websites. Put all the key words you want into your website or blog. Make them invisible, put them in meta data, hide them as various iterations of a single word, or paint them purple with polk-a-dots and ,  YOU WILL NOT IMPACT THE POPULARITY or visibility OF YOUR SITE.

You won’t increase traffic. You won’t figure highly in search engine page results. You won’t sell more books or sell more of any other product. You’ll waste a lot of time. By the way, you’ll get the same result if you sweat your butt off building a link farm on your site. Most of  those links are (THANK YOU HEAVEN) useless. U S E L E S S.

How Do You Establish Your Content Authority?

1. Prove to the major search engines that you are a real person, a real developer of high-quality content, and an experienced web content publisher.

2. Get your face, your voice, and your personality out there and make it visible. If your photo does not appear in search engine results about you, you need my help.

3. Know where to put your social media time and energy. Which sites actually bring people to your website? How do you optimize that?

4. Organize your attack. Understand how to  use social media as a tool, not an obsession.

5. Develop your voice. Whether you sell books, services, products, or just want to share your thoughts with the world, you must have an identifiable voice that rings with authority.

6. Make sure the source code of your website or blog is working for you. Get help with rich snippets, schema vocabulary, and today’s SEO technology.

7. Figure out if you need an SEO consultant or if you can manage these processes yourself.

Go Ahead…Make My Day

Take five minutes. Right now. Conduct a critical experiment.

  1. Go to Google Search Engine
  2. Enter the terms and phrases you believe people use when they search for your presense on the web.
  3. Study the results.

Is there a photo of you? Is there a box on the right margin that explains who you are? Do you find yourself anywhere on the first page of results? Are you happy with the authority, expertise, and benefit conveyed about you and your product or book? I’m betting the answers are no, no, no, and no.

Let’s Talk About YES!

Send me a quick email right now and ask about author rank and publisher rank. I’ll send you some quick tips and my contact information. Then let’s talk—no obligation. No cost. Just chat.