Initial 30-Minute Phone Consultation Is Free

Coaching and mentoring designed especially for writers who want to be published

With deep experience as a ghost, a writer, an editor, and a publisher, I have made every mistake in the book and then some. I am available to mentor your book project or to coach you in your writing career. I’ll make sure you don’t have to repeat mistakes other writers make.

  • Learn to grow as a writer. I will respect your writing and support your creativity.
  • I’ll read your writing with the eyes of a reader and the critical viewpoint of an editor, always telling you truth, in positive terms.
  • You and I will brainstorm what you can do to polish your piece into a marketable jewel.
  • I’ll teach you to find viable markets and coach you in presenting your writing.
  • I’ll help you find personal satisfaction in your writing even if you don’t choose to sell your writing.
Woman Is Mightier with a Pen

Woman Is Mightier with a Pen

You have the write stuff in your mind and spirit. You were born with a strong sense of creativity and we’ll fan that creative flame to its hottest temperature. Plan on three one-hour sessions per month, for a month or two to launch yourself into a new writer personna.

Six-step writing program from your coach:

  1. We’ll identify a specialty that motivates you, intrigues editors and delights readers.
  2. We’ll find the true subject of your current writing and dial into a crystal clear focus, like a good photograph.
  3. Color that focused idea with perfect detail and readable language in your own personal voice.
  4. Learn why writers’ block is a myth.
  5. Figure out where to find topics, ideas and story lines.
  6. Decide how to add value to your work with sidebars, images and personal touches.

Mentoring your book project

  1. Up to four hours a week of telephone or email consultation. We’ll create flow, structure, and a strong author voice all your own.
  2. Monthly readings and written comments. I’ll read what you’ve done to date and provide a concise analysis of your progress.
  3. Consulting about the book business and how to make submissions that get read.
  4. 90 minute consultation on writing a book proposal

And a bonus step – explore the best ways to present yourself and your writing in your most professional manner.

See the light!
See the light!

Today is the first day of the best of your life. Contact me right now – let’s get started. Email me – maryan at ontext dot com or phone 847 851 3997