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Baby Boomers Create Home Theater on a Budget – My son has a theater-sized screen and a projection TV system in his home. There are drapes on the screen, a la the local cinema. His chairs are theater style. People with 15×17 living rooms, like me, might be tempted to pile them full of enough sound equipment to do justice to a moderate amphitheater. My husband and I, always game for the latest technology, started in that direction.

Free Keyboard TIps, Tricks and Shortcuts for Windows Computers – Make your laptop respond more quickly when you need to open My Computer, find help, search for a file. A list of hot keyboard tricks to keep your Windows life moving.

Convert Paper Files to Electronic Files on Your Computer –  Take that mountain of mail and paperwork from paper based files to digital or electronic files on your computer. Boomers and retirees want to spend time doing interesting things, not doing chores. Here’s an easy, inexpensive solution.

Baby Boomers, Television and Internet UsageBaby boomers are online in droves. We have money and we spend it. If web sites are designed to address our needs, with highly visual designs and readable text, we’ll come. There is a huge niche out there, untapped.

How Are Baby Boomers Using Twitter? Social networking is taking hold and boomers are on board. Find out how simple Twitter is and how you can use it.

Save Money and Save the Planet with Your Toilet – No joke. You can save 15% on your water bill and conserve water by making a quick change to your toilet.