Why you need to know all your author publishing options

POD or traditional publishing?

My book?

Memoirs still sell. Publishers still buy them. Just take a look at Publisher’s Lunch online and see how often publishing deals are made for memoir manuscripts. And competition is fierce.

  1. First, all the celebrities’ memoirs have to get published.
  2. Then the sports people.
  3. Then the people with a sensational angle that splashes across headlines.
  4. Then the people who make up their entire memoirs and haven’t been outed by Oprah yet.
  5. Then it’s your turn.

If your book is highly polished, has a gorgeous silky flow through the entire manuscripts, has universal appeal and a target audience, if you have an author platform, you’re nearly ready to start shopping it to agents and/or publishers. Nothing is easy about the business of books.

Before you shop your book, or while you look for an agent or publisher, study up on digital publishing and POD (print on demand). I have completed four memoirs for clients since 2010. We epublished and PODed all of them and the author’s are very, very pleased. No, it did NOT cost an arm and a leg to have a beautiful book published in less than thousands of copies. You may decide you don’t want to manage your own book, and I’d stand in support of your right to decide.

But from my point-of-view, you owe it to yourself to really understand your options. I’m an author mentor with three decades professional experience. If your mind is a bit boggled by choices, if you have questions, if I can be of help, please message me any time. No price tag attached. No sales or marketing pitch, no white paper. Just ideas. And remember, nothing is easy in this business of books.


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