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Thumbs up! Money, respect, and opportunity for ebook authors.

Let’s take another look at LeLibro, the website/marketplace for independent digital authors and publishers. is currently still in Beta testing. However, by visiting the site, authors and readers can request an invitation to participate.

Last week I browsed LeLivro and loved what I saw—an uncomplicated, straight-forward ebook marketplace where authors are paid 85%, through Paypal, the moment a book sells. Pay me now? Give me the lion share of the profit from my work? I’m in. But I found wording in the author agreement that made me pretty nervous. I contacted LeLivro partner, Ilan Klein. He and partner Mois Benarroch jumped on my issue and changed the wording, agreeing it might be open to misinterpretation.

Ilan told me something every author can identify with—a cold-eyed look is always helpful in a complicated project. Think book editor :).

“I think,” Ilan said, “we didn’t see it ourselves, actually had the agreement drawn up long before we launched and assumed it was fine. Obviously, some authors felt uncomfortable, even though our intent has never been to own anyone’s book rights.’’ (Authors, pay attention to the new item 15 in the agreement.)

So What Does LeLivro Do?

LeLivro’s goal is simple: They want to offer ebooks easily to readers and provide ways for authors to communicate and connect with those readers. If we authors know who our audience is and where they come from, chances are good we will have stronger books sales.

In my years of experience with authors and with epublishing, I have absolutely determined that the most insurmountable boulder in the path of every e-author is promoting the ebook—getting it in front of an audience. LeLivro wants to help you leap that boulder, maybe not in a single bound, but methodically, with strong support, cordial help, and awesome tools.

Once you sign up at LeLivro and study the site, including the contract for using the site, you’ll discover lots of goodies—like a mechanism to write a blog post. LeLivro promotes those posts on their social channels. they provide a place onsite to offer free samples of the book. They feature authors in their social communications. And right at the end of your blog post is big red button that says, “BUY THE BOOK NOW.” This, says Ilan, should drive the audience to what you have to say.

While you post your book and let people know how to find you and it, LeLivro moves the books through various types of postings to see what gets response. they plan to conduct video interviews with authors about the books and are developing analytics to share with you that, says Ilan, you simply can’t get elsewhere.

“LeLivro is, right now, like a living lab for authors.” He believes his processes will help conserve authors’ time and effort, so you need less energy to get more results. You will be in touch with knowledgeable experts who are happy to help you.

To me, Ilan’s edge is in understanding digital marketing and in his willingness to help you discover where your audience hangs out, who they are, what makes them buy books. His and Mois’s goal is to create an ongoing bond between an author community and a reader community that results in book sales.

Who Are Ilan Klein and Mois Benarroch?

Why are these two men the right people to work with us authors?

The idea came from Mois, a long-time award-winning international poet and writer who was frustrated at how tough it is to put digital books in front of people who want those books. High fees, low royalties, and complicated publishing processes didn’t work for Mois, so he asked Ilan to use his extensive technical and marketing background to create a place where authors could just upload and sell their own books.

“I come from twenty years of technology and digital marketing, creating large and medium commercial websites,” Ilan explained. “I have a team of developers and marketers, so we didn’t have to go find funding we funded it ourselves. This definitely wasn’t a cakewalk. We’re learning a lot from the data, and that helps us make interesting and beneficial changes. At a point, we will open the beta but right now it’s primarily by invitation. There are books uploaded. Books are selling and we’re analyzing data.”

Who Can Get an Invitation?

At this point, Mois and Ilan and company want to hook up with social media-savvy writers who have some knowledge about marketing their books and are willing to help drive traffic to their books. It’s essential that LeLivro connect with authors who will allow LeLivro to help them. LeLivro also wants to send invitations to adventurous, avid readers willing to look at books and buy books they may not have heard of, perhaps by authors they are unaware of. It’s about building a set of communities.

Says Ilan, “We think everyone has a story—there are many, many books out there. People should be able to sell their book, whether they sell one copy to their mother or a million copies. Each book is something that came from that author—it’s part of them. Sharing it is really important and satisfying. We’re not looking for the blockbusters. There’s a lot of opportunity and we want to help authors find their opportunity.”

LeLivro is growing and rolling stuff out quickly now. In the next few months they’ll have more tools very helpful to authors.

They’re truly trying their best to make an environment that is rewarding for everyone and the two founders want people to know two things: LaLivra is a place where virtually any author can easily start finding his audience. As the service matures, authors will have tons of essential data about their ebooks, the books’ behaviors, and their audiences. So this is a really a good place to come onboard  and grow along.

I’m willing, as an author, a consultant, and a mentor to throw in with LeLivro and see where we travel to. I’m happy to endorse what I see so far, and I invite you to check it out.

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27 Responses to “Authors: Sell Your Ebook Keep 85% Get Paid Immediately”

  1. Please send more information on how I can participate in this program.


    Burt Berlowe

  2. Hi Maryan,

    This post is so relevant.

    Thanks for taking the time to dissect the ins and outs of LeLivro.

    Much as I like to read, legal agreements are not close to the top of my preferred genres.

    How does this company plan to compete with Kindle?

    What’s their current market reach, and what are their marketing plans in this respect?


  3. Sounds promising. Looking forward to updates on your progress and success with LeLivro.

  4. Hi Bruce. Thanks for reading us and for your input. I have no idea what their stats are at this point since the site is a Beta test. As for plans, we talked about that, and they have a bunch of cool tools coming up but are not ready to talk about them yet. If you want to know more, track down Ilan Klein on Google+ or drop a note to LeLivro through their website.

  5. If you need info on how to participate in our mentoring, consulting, and editing programs at OnText, browse this site, subscribe to the blog, and email me maryan at ontext dot com. If you want more info on LeLivro, visit their site at

    Happy to see you here, let me know how I can help you.

  6. This could be something that most self-published authors have been waiting for. You are so right, Maryan, marketing and promotion are the very things most writers don’t do well. Thanks for doing the leg work with this. I’ll be watching keenly too.

  7. Hi Maryan,
    I am interested in learning more about this
    program.I am ready to publish and want to do this in the best manner.

  8. So just to clarify, if you have existing ebooks available through Amazon, Smashwords or other platforms, you can upload to LeLivro as well? Providing you’re not currently exclusive through KDP or any other agreement of course?

  9. Here is an invitation to publish and participate in the beta to the readers of this blog

    Thanks for your interrest

  10. Here is an invitation to publish and participate in the beta to the readers of this blog

    Thanks for your interrest

    Mois Benarroch
    lelivro team

  11. So how would lelivro compete with Kindle.

    This whole idea took a long time to consolidate because (obvious) lack of funds. It could have been working late 2011. Since then many things have changed, and Kindle has become the main player in this game.

    Basically could become a social network for readers and writers. For the first time we have found a way for us writers to know who buys our books. The main promotion of this site should come from the writers and their social networking explaining potential readers this is where they will make more money.

    We also offer the possibility to sell in any known format. And in any language. As long as you and your reader are happy with the file that´s fine with us.

    I am not sure at all we are competing with Kindle, these are two different approach to selling ebooks, in the writer is the seller, the copyright is always his, and I do not see why you shouldn’t use both Kindle and lelivro, it´s another way to sell, and gives you more exposure.

    We hope to see you there.

    Thanks Maryan for your blog and thanks all for the interrest.

  12. Thanks for participating, Mois. I listed my book, Awesome Woman, with you this week, though I may make some changes to it. Your input here is valuable to authors and ghostwriters, and I encourage you to drop in often.


  13. Thanks for this — it’s a good opportunity for our readers to see what you’re doing.


  14. Karen, that’s how I interpret this. It’s like other digital publishers who don’t have an exclusivity clause.

  15. Shiela
    Thanks for your interest in OnText. To learn more about LeLivro, visit their site and explore with this invitation key they generously gave our readers.

  16. Hiya Grant –
    Yes, this could end up being SOMETHING. I’ll be following LeLivro with interest. And just for the record, I hav eno affiliation with the company, no relationship to the partners, and receive no compensaiton for anything I write here. I saw the program at LeLivro, looked into it, and felt it is something worth watching. I seriously dislike paying high fees for publishng pixels online, expecially when I wrote the material and created the arrangement of pixels. 🙂

  17. Very interesting. We can all benefit from exploring different platforms for our ebooks. Mine are enrolled in KDP Select for the next few weeks, but after that I think I’ll try making them available via LeLivro. Can’t hurt to experiment 🙂

  18. Good plan. I’m working on creating a process to layout and format a particular genre of ebook. So far, I’m tearing my hair out, but will keep you all posted. BTW, Karen, your email is bouncing.

  19. That is strange. Have checked email as entered in the form here and it’s correct.

    Or is it my subscription email that’s bouncing? I subscribed to On Text recently and don’t think I’ve received anything from you. Human error on my part perhaps? Will resubscribe checking email address is correct.

  20. Hmmm. Just tried that and got a message to say I’m already subscribed, and an instant message to my inbox asking if I wanted to update my subscription preferences. So maybe not human error after all. Maybe temporary gremlins in the technology?

  21. Could be. If you don’t hear from us this week in the form of a post, contact me – maryan at ontext dot com and I’ll see if I can find a solutions. You should have recd a new post Saturday or Sunday. The bounce notice (three of them) from your email say there is a temporary problem.

  22. I’m receiving your new post messages now. Looks like the gremlins have disappeared 🙂

  23. Kathryn Reynolds October 2, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    I have by book “Garland Roses” on LeLivro right now. It has been there for a couple months. I believe I have one sale sometimes it’s hard to tell. I am going to leave it there and see if the customer base grows.

  24. Hi Kathryn – glad you stopped by. I saw your book on LeLivro and I’ll point out that this is a new site, so traffic is not as heavy as Amazon’s, for example. My sales at LeLivro aren’t hot and heavy, but they are growing. Are you promoting the site in your social media as you market your book to potential readers? Link to your book page as often as you can, talk to people about LeLivro and tell them why you chose it. If we all do some of that, as every author must market her work, we may see sales increase more rapidly. Good luck with the book. It’s on my desk waiting to be read, and then I’ll review it.

  25. I have a link on my blog unfortunately no one goes to my blog. Advertising is weird.
    Not only do you have to promote your book but you also have to promote your blog.
    I was invited to join LeLivro through the Author’s Forum at Amazon. I love the idea of getting immediate payment through Paypal.

  26. The website is now opened to everyone to publish and sell.

    We will soon start a Kickstarter campaign so stay tuned.


  27. Hey great news! Looking forward to the campaign and lots of activity at the site. —mkp