Are There Dirty Little Secrets on Pinterest?

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I think not. I saw a post at a blog called Bullguard. The writer promises dirty little secrets about your Pinterest account. This post is a great example of jumping on board a trending topic and riding it to a traffic spike for your blog. It’s also an example of not really delivering what your title promises readers.

For me, the secrets listed are neither secrets nor dirty. The article is well-written and doesn’t contain a ton of typos, but the items aren’t all that elucidating or fascinating,in my opinion. Most of the issues are true about most social sites, and most have been part of our web browsing experience for a long time. Here’s what I saw: 

1. Copyright issues. When you add a ‘pin’ (an image or video) to your online board, you must have the legal right to share it because others may use it for illegal purposes.

My take: Almost all info flying around the ‘net, including a huge amount of stuff on G+ is derivative or lifted. If you credit the source of your pin, it may fall under fair use.

2. Visual content is king. Things can easily get out of control: millions of users posting millions of videos or images that may have violent, offensive or racist character might negatively impact viewers, especially teens.

My take: Yes, people take things to the nth degree. Each user is responsible for protecting themselves, their children, and their sensitivities. Pinterest is not unique in this aspect.

3. Limited access. In order to limit children’s exposure to inappropriate content, Pinterest has prohibited access for children under 13, yet chances are your kids are already browsing its pages.

My take: This is not a dirty little secret. It happens everywhere. Parents need to know what steps they can take to protect their children.

4. The site is sovereign. It can use/modify your content in any way and can terminate your licence at any time given, for any reason or without any explanation. A bit of tyranny?

My take: Read the contract on almost any website, content mill, or social media site and you will find the same thing. Tyranny? Nah. Opportunistic marketing.

5. You take full responsibility. If you access a third party website, which might be malicious and infect your computer with a nasty virus, you are the only one to blame. 

My take: Ditto. And why would we not take full responsibility for our own surfing habits?

I’m not picking on the writer of this article. As a matter of fact, this was a pretty good write. However, my message to writers is twofold: Be sure, whether you write books or articles, if you promise something like dirty little secrets you deliver. When you deliver, make sure there’s real substance and added value to what you’re delivering.

in the comments section, let me know if you would agree or disagree with me.

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2 Responses to “Are There Dirty Little Secrets on Pinterest?”

  1. I like Pinterest and other social media. I’m sure they all have their issues, but you;re right, it’s up to us to make sure we know the rules and the contract issues.

  2. Lol! Your “sexy” title drew me in using the same tactic you are describing! But your article did give some good info so you are forgiven. Ha!