Earn $30,000 a year from your blog


Earn $30,000 daily from your blog. $30K from blogging? Well, Darren Rouse, the world’s most prolific blogger, says you can. Who’s going to argue with him? If you can manage to parley your blog into $30K a year, you should absolutely quit your day job and make your fortune with your imagination, but I’m not sure it will be in blogging.

Darren says you have to specialize. yeah. We know. Focus. OK, done. He says diversify – add revenue streams from different sources – at $80 some a day, you’ll hit $30 thousand a year. So you put up Googlee adsense, other click through ads, Amazon links, other affiliate programs and so on and so on.

I just took down Google adsense – I didn’t score a nickle in a year. Most bloggers will tell you adsense doesn’t bring in enough money to sneeze at unless you happen to be a content farm with tons of unique visitors.

Amazon – sure. I like Amazon. $30,000? Don’t think so.

Your own ebooks – another suggestion from Darren’s list.  Well, if you do some research, you’ll find many experts saying it’s highly unlikely that you will sell ebooks off a blog or personal website. I happen to have some consistent sales of mine off this site, OnText. Darren says you can do it. Try it.

And the list goes on. But, of course, the key is, as it has always been, developing a niche, developing outstanding content, and promoting the site effectively. It’s a full-time++ job to make a blog pay off. You can do it from home – working from home is an enviable situation. But you will work – make no mistake.

I think, if you are a capable writer, and want to spend a ton of time working, put your effort into submitting to regional and area-wide magazines and newspapers. Nationals are good, too, if you have a platform – like a well-established blog, perhaps. Have a look at Darren’s blog and see if his plan suits you. Good luck with it. Let me know how you do.

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