Freelance Writer Needs Business Skill to Succeed


Freelance writing can be satisfying. Freelancing can be fun. Freelancing can be lucrative – make you a good amount of money. Freelancing takes skill, talent and creativity. But, a freelance writer needs, first of all, in order to succeed, a sense of business acumen.

You must be a good business person if you want to make a living as a freelance writer, period. If you have no business skill – then you must find a way to learn it. Take a small business class at your community college. Go online, find a school and enroll in a course on managing a small business. You need to know:

  • How to find customers
  • How to keep customers
  • How to please and satisfy customers beyond the text you create
  • How to manage expenses
  • How your freelance business affects your taxes
  • What business accessories you need – business cards? Office space? Corporate vehicle?
  • How to network
  • What is a copyright and what rights do you have under those laws?

That’s a start. Here’s a pretty cool article from singer Christine Kane about how you can separate your creative soul from your business manager personna in order to gain your goals. Read advice for artists from Christine.

Your assignment for today – make a list of ten publications, online or in print, that you could make a successful pitch to. Leave a comment here if you actually complete the assignment.

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