Freelance writers: Six essential resource links


For more than five years, OnText has been a resource for writers. Here are six essential links to feed your freelance writing success. Add yours in comments, and let me know how I can help you sell your writing and make more of your writing career.

  1. My first post on WordPress – how a blog was born. My old blog site crashed and I lost everything, but valiantly committed to rebuilding. I made sure i posted regularly and the content was worth something to freelancers.
  2. The post most fun to write – An interview with Chicago-based mystery writer Libby Hellmann. I so liked talking with her. She gave great advice.
  3. Readers contributed to this one – a young writer complained loudly about how the industry failed to accommodate her. Writers rang in and a discussion ensued on LinkedIn.
  4. An article on ghosting I wish I had written – It’s worth your time.
  5. A title that said it all – I chimed in on the raging battle of why writers shouldn’t have to settle for a pittance.
  6. I wish more people had read this three-part series – I felt it was worthwhile to learn about how U.S. copyrighting protects your work. The cool part? You needn’t spend a dime to be protected.

Thanks for browsing. What’s your favorite post at OnText. What do you need to know to get your career super-charged?

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