Freelance writers can survive the economic downturn


Sell your writing even when business is slow

Stormy economy needs marketing savvy

Stormy economy needs marketing savvy

A well written, professional business plan is essential to successfully obtaining funding for an entrepreneurial endeavor. Most people dipping toes in the pool of small businesses for the first time are intimidated by the idea of writing a comprehensive business plan. Therein lies another revenue stream for the flexible and adaptable freelance writer, you. Sell your writing by producing custom business plans.

Never wrote a business plan? The Small Business Administration website offers a free course in business plan writing.   It’s a do-it-yourself class that you work at your own pace.

Topics covered include

  • Strategic planning
  • Essential elements of a good business plan
  • Writing the plan
  • Business plan workshop
  • Using the business plan
  • Finding a niche
  • Business planning FAQs

There’s a wealth of other information at this site – it’s worth taking a couple of hours and browsing all the resources. There are so many writers in transition right now that a lot of us will end up gravitating toward self-employment. The business plan idea is a two pronged attack – you may either find yourself up-to-speed on writing business plans for others, or become inspired to write a break out plan for yourself.

Check out the various newsletters offered, including A Woman’s Perspective, and SmallBizOpps that shows you how to market to Federal agencies.

Contact your local or state Small Business Administration Office for more help.

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