Successful Freelance Writers – 16 Top Must Have Online Links


This essential list is all the efficient freelance writer or editor might ever need to put together the best articles on the web or in print. These are sites used by professional writers for many years. See the links that are are long-time success makers. Whether you need a synonym, a definition, an interview source, an expert, or a new topic to write on – you’ll find them here. Browse government statistics. Learn about independent publishing. Get tips on writing for children. Bookmark this list in your favorites and never feel lost again.

Writers’ Links                 You can’t work without this          Interesting site that sometimes produces real job leads                                        The association to aspire to                          Possible funding for serious writers      If you write for children      About independent publishing     Get a serving of inspiration for any day-one of my faves  (search for Heather Blakey and read about her)           Collection of resources, but not always up-to-date 

Writers’ Tools      Dictionary, encyclopedia, fact finder              Thesaurus search from University of Chicago                         Quick and easy               Federal statistics          Phrases and their origins 

www.infoplease                            All the knowledge you need                                  Experts compile mini-Webs here on any topic   Help a reporter out — be a source or find a source

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One Response to “Successful Freelance Writers – 16 Top Must Have Online Links”

  1. Holly Alexander October 19, 2009 at 8:17 am


    Thanks for the list. I’m new to the group, and want to share my favorite SEO site – just paste in your copy, note your words and voila, percentage noted. Free and very simple:

    Holly Alexander

    Hey Holly –
    A pleasure to see you here as a new user – stop by anytime. You might want to subscribe to Ontext (see button in the upper right corner of this page). I look forward to more input from you!