Quick Secrets of How to Get Published ASAP

secrets of writing

I've got some secrets (image from UpsideDownDogs.com)

The secret to writing success lies partly in having interesting things to write about whenever you need them, but success comes mostly from discipline. Set a time to write every day. It works best to do it at the same time each day and for at least an hour. If you’re serious about selling your writing and making a living as a writer, you can almost certainly afford more than an hour.

Write your articles, stories, memoirs, short pieces, poems, book chapters, or whatever all the way through on a single pass. Don’t edit yourself as you write, you’ll lose momentum. Set the work aside till the end of the day, or overnight, and then read it again. That second reading is the time to begin your editing and create a second draft. Repeat the process until you feel you have your best work written down. Don’t hurry. Haste will hurt you in the end.

Once you’ve done your best, read the writing aloud to yourself or to someone who will just listen without throwing in their two cents worth. Now do your final draft and work on submitting the material for sale. Remember this, this is an absolute truth: If you have not read your entire piece all the way through, it CANNOT be your best work!

Discipline yourself to write daily. Set goals to produce sellable writing each week. Explore markets and learn which ones your writing fits best. Pitch someone every single week. Don’t give up and be sure you learn from your mistakes. If you follow this plan, you will never have writers’ block again, and you will discover new ways to sell your writing. Best of luck in beginning or advancing your writing career. If I can be of help, reach out to me.

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