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Why Google+ is a FANFREAKINGTASTIC Place to Grow

Almost all major brands are knee deep in social media. They have a plan, a strategy, a social media co-ordinator, and a daily, if not hourly presence on the major social media marketing player sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and you know the rest. Social media as a wide venue changes every day. You MUST keep up with the newest methods, or you’ll get lost in the crowds. And today, I present you with the trendiest—Google + or Google Plus, however you wish to delineate it.

Yeah, yeah I know—the myth is that no one uses Google+. It’s on its way out. It isn’t effective blah blah blah.
Well, you’re dead wrong. Below, you’ll find compelling reasons to develop your Plus presence. All of our social media marketing clients are highly visible on Google+, and you need to be there. I’ve paraphrased these twenty mind-blowing stats from a great article at Digital Information World. Study them.
  1. Google Plus boasts of more than a thousand million visits every month. A thousand times a million. Might you find one or two prospects in that bunch who needs to hear what you have to say?
  2. The number of users sharing and uploading Videos is increasing 20-fold per day. It could be YOUR videos going viral, you know.
  3. Active Google Plus Users — 540 million per month. Facebook? I dunno, but there’s a boat load of people there who just lurk.
  4. There are more than one BILLION accounts on Google Plus. Why are you talking to those people? Creating relationships?
  5. 68% of Google Plus users are male, so 32% are female users—and if you market your products to men and women, or men OR women, this is a good place to be.
  6. Close to 70% active companies have their Google Plus Pages—do you have yours? Is it active? Is it dynamic? Value added content? Cool stuff to look at?
  7. The +1 button (plus one, the button that tells the world you reacted to a given post)  on websites get more than FOUR billion hits in a day. Humbly, I tell you my comments get a hole bunch of plus 1s. Well, not four billion, but a fair number…
  8. How many social users login to Google plus: Close to 33% of all users. That tells you it is one of the leading social media platforms out there. And the users at Google+ seem somehow more engaged than those on other sites where so many people are just posting automated ads and inspirational quotes. Google+ folks actually communicate, and they read what you have to say.
  9. Close to 7 million Google+ users are from America—anyone out there trying to reach people in the U.S.? Start posting.
  10. Every months, approximately 800,000 new Google Plus accounts are created and no website is growing at a faster rate than Google Plus. Anyone for social media marketing?
  11. There are tons of 45 and older users, and also lots and lots of 20-35 year olds. Target the people who will want to know what you have to say.
  12. 26% of the Internet users who access social media sites from their smartphones surf Google Plus
  13. Your website gets indexed in Google far faster and more visibly when you hang out in Google+. Right or wrong. Argue the point till your drop, the truth is, a presence on Google is a presence in the world. Figuring well in Google searches is where you want to be. And Google Plus takes you closer. Period. And I know the ways to get there.
  14. More than 40% digital marketing professionals use GooglePlus.

Yes, we know what’s what and where to make some noise. Time for you to get onboard. I’m not saying drop any of the other venues you use. Each serves its purpose. But I’m will to bet you either aren’t visible on Google+ or you let it sit on a back burner. Gotta change that.

Ask me how, and I’ll share some secrets. Or just contract for me to do your Google and see how visible you get! Do you Google Plus?


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