Why I Haven’t Published My New Book at Kindle

Awesome Woman Maryan Pelland

The latest ebook by an awesome woman writer.

I’m so excited to have finished my newest digital book, AWESOME WOMAN: INVENTING YOUR OWN FUTURE. This one has been a labor of love in the authoring, the illustrating, and the publishing. I’m proud of the book design, pleased with being able to share writing that comes from a life of experiences, and delighted to show you photographs that tickle me to the core. You can try a sample, free, at LeLivro, the new publishing site I’ve discovered. And now I’ll tell you why the book isn’t at amazon for Kindle reading.

My husband (and creative partner) Dan, and I spent weeks carefully designing this book to show off photos we’ve made over a decade. We studied how to produce a photo-rich book for Kindle using fixed layout design and using Kindle Comic Creator. We produced a beautiful, readable, fun book with file size of about 12 mg, which fits the standard of Kindle, CreateSpace, and many other publishing sites.

Then we put the book file through KindleGen to create the mobi file and ended up with a file of well over 100 mg, that got rejected by Amazon’s publising sector becasue it’s too big. We knew the file would end up large, because everything we studied said Amazon’s process includes protocols for both old and new Kindles in your book file. That inclusion doubles the size of your book file. We read that the deliverable file was what counted, and that Kindle knows your deliverable is only one of those files, so it makes allowances. In any case, we read, if you go over the 50 mg limit for Kindle, you will simply be charged an additional delivery charge of 15 cents per mg over on each sale. But the book will be published.

The Truth About Kindle eBook Packages

Apparently, that isn’t true. We got dumped out of the Kindle publishing process with an error message saying our file was huge. Remember, we input a pdf of under 12 mg. Yes Kindle packs two books when they compile your product, and then it packs an additional two copies of every image. The file swells with bloat—and then gets rejected. Lovely. After sweat and tears, we decided to create our own method of designing photo-rich books for electronic readers, including Kindle. There is no easy fix, we discovered, but it is definately possible to publish a photo-rich ebook, and we’re going to make that process available to you within the next couple of weeks.


Since Amazon’s Kindle has a 60 per cent market share of ebook sales, it would be professional suicide to not list my book with them. So we’ll get to a version that is workable and still retains the photographic excellence we created. For now, the book is exclusively at LeLivro, an up and coming place for authors to get the best deal I’ve seen. We’ve listed it only as a pdf version, with a sample to download FREE, so hop on over. Whether you’d like to read gentle, meaningful inspiration for reinventing yourself and living your best life, or just want to immerse yourself in some really special images, check out the book.

And keep an eye on this blog to learn more about how we can help you design and publish your photo book, kids, book, or illustration-rich book of any kind. You’ll soon be able to publish digitially, in several formats, without your images resizing, shifting around the screen, becoming blurry, or failing altogether.

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