If You Plan to Sell Your Writing, You Have to Please Your Editors


How to Please Editors and Sell Your Writing

By Grant McDuling, guest writer

Producing and selling articles on a regular basis is the bread and butter of most working writers’ businesses. Now that may be all well and good, you might be thinking, but what should you write about if you want to sell articles? And how should you write them so that you stand every chance of pleasing the editor (your client) and making sales?

My Recommended Seven Tips for Pleasing Your Client

  1. Stick to what’s topical. Spend some time looking at your daily newspapers, listening to the radio and watching TV to ascertain what’s on the public agenda. Keep an eye out for the latest fad or craze. Look for what’s controversial in your community or neighborhood. Uncover what is taboo.
  2. Avoid the temptation to self-promote within your articles. Editors have a sharp eye for PR and try to avoid it like the plague.
  3. Don’t have an axe to grind. You are an impartial observer and not one of the players (unless you are a high-profile identity giving the inside picture).
  4. Write as an expert. Know what you are talking about and show that you have done your homework.
  5. Use as many quotes from the protagonists as you can. This adds to the expert status of the article.
  6. Maintain balance. Nothing pleases an editor more than a balanced article. Get both sides of the story from reliable primary sources. If you don’t know what a primary source IS (and we don’t mean Wikipedia!) you need to do some studying. Of course, if you interview just one person who has a chip on both shoulders, that doesn’t make them well-balanced!
  7. Ask questions of your interviewees as well as of your readers. You see, nothing stimulates thought like questions do. They also help ensure your readers (including the editor) remain engaged with your writing.

Are there any other points you’d add to my list? What have you found that works? What do your editors want in freelance work? Join in the discussion now and discover just how stimulating it can be.

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