Six fantastic market resources for writers and freelancers


Make a note of these six helpful job and market resources for freelance writers as the economy perks up and work becomes more available. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a seasoned pro – this half dozen excellent market lists can boost your career.

  1. Writing for dollars – They have an archive of ten years worth of tip-filled articles. Some are dated, but many stand up to time passing. The site and newsletter are free. There’s a perk for new subscribers. They have a searchable paying markets database.
  2. Worldwide Markets database – This is weekly and free. Sample available. You’ll get a pretty good free perk for subscribing. My suscription confirmation took 15 min and the free perk didn’t arrive for quite some time, but I think that’s a function of it being a fairly large, popular site
  3. Accentuate Writers’ Forum –  seems on the level and has good discussions with pros and cons of markets you might want to pitch. I trolled around a bit and found a listing of off the beaten path paying publications. They seem to be mostly posted by one user who should be finding a way to monetize her diligence. Michelle L Devon (Michy)
  4. Michelle Devon seems to own the one above. Not all of her market info is exactly correct, so do some checking before you rely on it. But she’s got a good resource for writers here. If you’re in to community – this is it. Objection – hey assign you a password. That’s somewhat inconvenient.
  5. At WritersWeekly, you can find books and courses, articles, warnings, markets, job postings, a forum. The owner, Angela Hoy, is the queen of the freelance writing niche online. I think she blogged before there was any such thing. This site is worth a visit and a subscription, without a doubt.
  6. University of Illinois at Chicago Writing Series. Check this out for online and on campus courses and seminars. Non credit. Cost ranges from free to over $500. Certification maybe offered in some areas. I took their entire not-for-profit management series a few years ago – online. It was extremely well run and packed full of information I still use.

There are two ways you can empower other writers with this information if it seems worthwhile to you. Share it by tweeting or Facebooking this page, and comment below with some resources you’ve checked out – good or bad.

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