What OnText Social Media Marketing Does for You

The OnText partners—Maryan and Dan—have two decades of web presence expertise. We’ve taken lots of clients from unknown to well-followed and we will do that for you! In a nutshell, here’s the social media marketing skillset we offer. Choose any or all of our services at a simple hourly rate. social media marketing


Social Media Marketing Management

  1. Well develop or enhance your presence on at least the major social media outlets. You following will grow, and those following you will be highly-targeted prospects. We DO NOT use follow software to sweep up anyone willing to click a button. We go out and find followers who need to know you.
  2. We’ll post your company’s personal messages on social media. More importantly, we’ll also engage in meaningful conversation with your followers. Our conversations are relevent to your business, helpful to your prospects and customers, fun, and never automated responses.
  3. We monitor all of your accounts to m ake sure they’re current and dynamic.


  1. We’ll develop a blog for you or analyze your existing blog to optimize impact.
  2. We’ll write the posts when you don’t have time. All content is original and specific to your business. No bought or borrowed canned posts.
  3. We’ll monitor your traffic metrics to see what your readers like to read.


Count on us to analyze your site and make recommendations. We’re equipped to do everything from occassional tweaks to full design and coding. We specialize in managing and maintaining content that’s fresh, on-target, and reflects your personality and your message.

Be confident that we keep abreast of ALL changes in SEO strategies and Google algorithms so we can give you the best possible advice.

Contact us right now (no obligation). We’ll provide samples, references, and examples of our work. The OnText partners have been around, helping people succeed online since 1998, and we’re not going anywhere. Work with us and count on us. Let’s talk about your social media goals.