New Writers’ Markets at Hearst? Kindle Clone?

Comes The End of Print Pubs

Comes The End of Print Pubs

 The death of newspapers and magazines, print books and perhaps even graphic novels? They are headed down a slimy slope. Many say inked print publications are on their way out. Google McClatchey. Google Hearst. Pay attention – if you seek to be a writer, you need to recast your strategies and reinvent your writing method. Start now!

Proof that Print Is Dying?

Maybe print isn’t dying, but it’s going to transform, and soon. Last month, from Computer World, writer Mike Elgan wrote Here Comes The E-book Revolution; Six trends are conspiring to drive electronic books into the mainstream.  Read the whole article and digest it.

Then chew on, the Washington Posts’ piece about Hearstand paid-for content via a Kindle-clone. And have a bite of this one – from Information Week, also writing on Hearst’s plans. If the largest publishers are worried, there must be something simmering in the pot.

Markets for Writers, Blogger Jobs?

Here’s the gist of what those pundits are trying to tell us. Writers, take note. It is almost inevitable that print publicaitons will go down in the next several years. Why? Because it costs more to make and distribute a print pub than it does to do an electronic pub. Print is slower. Print is  messier. Print is archaic.

Mike Elgan tells us the NY Times could giveevery new subscriber a free Kindle and distribute to all subscribers for a year more cheaply than fulfilling subscriptions the way they do now.

For you, the writer, the path is clear and navigable. Get a new map and change your direction. I doubt Hearst is ready to cut you a deal right this second for your blog, your web magazine, ezine or ebooks. But they may be ready to do that quite soon.

Perfect your craft, citizen journalist. Polish your prose. Tweak your web settings. Study your SEO and use good sense to create the best electronic publishing profile you can for yourself in the next year. Jobs are coming back. I promise. But you’ll need to be on the right page.

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