Paying Market for Freelance Writers

Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedin is a fairly new market – been around since spring, 2008. is run by one of the largest, most successful media companies in the world and they know how to treat writers. Do me a favor – if you go apply to be an Examiner writer, tell them Maryan Pelland, ID 5356 sent you. Then tell me how it goes for you at Examiner.

Here’s what Examiner says: serves 60 major markets across the country and is quickly becoming the premier online brand for local information and events. We are a division of the Clarity Media Group, owned by the Anschutz Company, one of the largest media companies in the country.

Examiner is hiring now, in fact, they hired me as Chicago Examiner for Home Technology. You will not get paid a salary – it’s a pay per your contribution to the site. But the algorithm they use to figure pay is far superior to most and considers a number of factor including page views and ad clicks., for example, only pays on ad clicks. The writer brings readers to the site, spreads the word about the site, and makes money for the company. Writer gets paid squat because she has no way to control or impact ad clicks. Off topic, sorry.

If you want to work very hard actually developing a business that you will control, and you have an area of expertise that you can build a platform from, look into the jobs available at Examiner.

Our content is contributed by passionate, informed people known as Examiners. Examiners are people in your community with a common desire to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Examiners are college students, civil servants, retirees, doctors, musicians, magazine editors and stay-at-home parents.
Examiners provide helpful information, resources and tools related to their area of expertise that can be used by people in their community.

I know with conglomerates like this you can build a lot of power for your own writing, blogs and websites. I receive so many products for review, from major tech companies, that I can’t do them all. I get regular freelance jobs from my name being so visible on the Internet.

My first day of work with Examiner generated revenue – for me. This company knows what they’re doing. They don’t get bogged down in stupid English teacher traditions. Examiner helps writers who want to make money on the web understand how to do that and what step comes next.

They will support you, give you insider tips, provide access to resources like AP for photos at no charge to you.

You, in return will create a viable web page. Write excellent content. Polish that to professional glow and post regularly and often. There is a future here for writers who wish to write.

Do me a favor – if you go apply to be an Examiner writer, tell them Maryan Pelland, ID 5356 sent you. Then tell me how it goes for you at Examiner.

Read Maryan Pelland at Examiner:

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