Writing Children’s or Young Reader Books? Great Source of Publishing Help

Need help making sense of your book?

Need help making sense of your book?

I found a solid resource for ghostwriters, authors, and writers who specialize in books for children, young adults, and young readers. Dear Editor.com is a website from Deborah Halverson, a former editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for a decade.

After jumping out of corporate publishing, she authored

Deborah now works with authors and writers doing substantive editing, much as I do, but she is more print-oriented, rather than digital, and has a unique take on work aimed at younger readers.

Her very helpful blog, DearEditor.com is a wealth of information for writers, authors, and ghostwriters to ask questions about the craft of writing or about the very confusing and frustrating publishing industry. Her answers are concise and pull-no-punches. Need to know how to address some of these issues?

  • Editors or readers and reviewers say your characters are flat?
  • Losing readers by page two?
  • You’re lost when someone says you need a hook and have no idea why that matters?
  • Your manuscripts get rejected before they’re even read because the formatting, layout, and presentation don’t meet industry standards?

Yep, you can find a ton of info here at OnText, and you can add to that by visiting or subscribing to DearEditor. You can never be too rich or too smart, right?

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