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Linda Formichelli teaches you how to sell your writing

Writer, Linda Formacelli

Writer, Linda Formichelli

Want to sell your writing to high-profile magazines? It isn’t a walk in the press room to break in to magazines, but you can do it if you put your back into it. You need a successful mentor and you can buy one online. Linda Formichelli morphed herself into a high-demand freelance content provider and she shares her secrets for a price. Is she worth it?

Formichelli markets an e-course, Getting Published in Magazines. The price tag for the eight-week course, one lesson per week, depends on how much support you want. Interestingly, she combines coaching with the classes. Prefer to wing it? Say you’re a pro, with a clip file and an idea of how the magazine business works. You’re established in another market segment and want to test the magazine scene — choose the basic course at $120.

What’s in the “box”

Week 1. Generating Ideas (assignment: come up with three salable ideas)
Week 2. Finding Markets (assignment: choose one of your three ideas to run with for the rest of the course, and find five magazines to send your idea to)
Week 3. Finding Editors (assignment: find out which editor to pitch at each magazine, plus their contact info)
Week 4. Doing Interviews Part I (assignment: set up as many expert interviews as you need – generally 1 to 3)
Week 5. Doing Interviews Part II (assignment: do the interviews)
Week 6. Writing the Title and Lede (assignment: guess what? ;-> Write the title and lede of your query letter)
Week 7. Writing the Body and Closing (assignment: write the body and “why I am so great” paragraph of your query)
Week 8. Sending Your Query (assignment: get that thing out the door!)

How it works

The Getting Published in Magazines course is well organized and progressive. Follow the steps, build one assignment upon another. You should end up with a polished query letter, a good sampling of marketable ideas, at least the bones of an article and a list of markets to pitch. Not bad, especially when the experience can be replicated, part of the definition of success.

What’s good about Getting Published in Magazines

  • You can’t just read chapter headings, steal the exercises and get the meat of this course. Formichelli imparts insider knowledge, spilling secrets, bit by bit.
  • Solid ideas for finding markets. Unlike other providers, Formacelli names names, telling the who and where.
  • I learned things I didn’t know. Do you know what a TK Ways piece is? Sorry, I can’t leak course secrets.
  • Worth its weight in gold – a set of query letters that she, her husband and her writing partner used to make hefty sales. She’ll give it to you somewhere around lesson three.
  • Tips on how to present yourself as a pro, when and how to ignore haggard submission advice. As co-author of The Renegade Writer, a book based on breaking rules, she gives authentic advice.
  • Two week, money back guarantee.

Getting Published in Magazines – what isn’t the greatest

  • You’d have to stretch to make the course take eight weeks, but the lessons are sent once a week, thereby, slowing up more precocious students.
  • No interaction with other students, though that can be helpful. I’ve taken courses both ways and prefer the interactive.
  • Picky points, but the site needs a bit of an update – page headers don’t always match the page topic and some of the content still refers to typed and mailed pitches or submissions, which almost never happen anymore. I told you they were picky points.

Premium course

Beginners or those looking for immerse in the class can do the premium version at double the price. That buys you direct email mentoring or coaching from Formichelli. From casual knowledge of her style, I’d bet she provides abundant mentoring  – she’s generous with her time and eager to help writers find their profitable niche.

Will you learn to sell your writing?

I first met Linda Formichelli as a member of the online community, The Well. She was just breaking into freelancing. Unlike many forum frequenters, she didn’t spend time yacking or whining about writers’ block. She sought people to interview or she drummed up story ideas. She’s as qualified as anyone to teach this type of course and it’s likely that following her advice will lead to magazine work.

Formichelli says her students have landed assignments in pubs like Writer’s Digest, Woman’s Day, Pizza Today, Michigan Out-Of-Doors, and Graduating Engineer. Taking her course made me get out of my safe rut and submit to a couple of new markets. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and confirmed that I don’t know it all.

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