Do Not Get Screwed when You Self Publish Your Book

Color cover POD publishing

One of my POD color covers

Any writer or author researching how to self-publish or print-on-demand or POD a book is bound to end up dazed and confused. If you find your way out of the maze of double talk from many self-publishing or print-on-demand companies, you may well end up ripped off.  I will tell you how to avoid that.

Let’s assume if you’re reading this, you already know what POD and self-publishing is about and you have made the decision to go that route. As a ghostwriter, I self-publish or POD books for many clients who either want to manage their own marketing or feel they have a constrained readership. I found a company who has never let me down and makes my business a whole lot easier. Located in the Midwest U.S., the company is 48HrBooks and they know their job.

A Few Publishing Benefits from 48HrBooks:

  1. Save time and money in the process, from submitting your manuscript to receiving your high-quality finished books.
  2. Find all the help you need, in a user-friendly intuitive form right on their website. Videos, FAQs, flow charts, templates, you name it, they have. Should you need to speak to a human, their contact info is right there and often, real humans answer the phones. Politely and knowledgeably.
  3. Your book ends up looking exactly the way you want it and 100% ready to present to the public with great pride.
  4. No extra charge for 60# Bright White offset paper, perfect binding, or high-gloss UV coated color cover.
  5. Choose all kinds of options at extremely reasonable cost. Color pages are a fraction of what other companies have wanted to charge me.
  6. Know your total cost including shipping, right online, before you upload a single character.

How Easy Is Self-Publishing?

It’s like this.

Write, edit, and format your manuscript in Word, Scrivener, or whatever. Convert it to a high-resolution PDF with or without illustrations. Adobe is the classic PDF ware, though their programs are expensive. You can experiment with their online converter. Other options include Foxit or the ones listed at Wikipedia.

Go to 48HrBooks’ estimator and enter information about your book—number pages, number color pages, page size, options, zip code, etc. Get your exact price.

Upload your PDF file. Wait for your proof, proof your book. Ok the proof. Wait two to three days. Done.

POD and self publishing flow chart

Self publish really fast. (image from 48HrBooks)

Special Features and Tech Support

It’s there. Once, just once, I had a problem that needed immediate attention. I called 48HrBooks, got a very pleasant, informed, and empowered employee on the phone and had a solution in fewer than 24 hours. And I don’t mean business hours.

Every book is different. Every author needs to know she can reach out for assistance if there’s a hitch or a glitch between the author’s vision and the actual presentation on paper. No worries. Call and ask for help, you’ll get it.

This company also offers a fairly complete guide to managing your manuscript. Not sure if you want case binding (hard cover books), plastic coil binding or saddle stitching? Take a few moments and look over the guide, watch a video or two—you’ll be pleased at what you can learn.

Nobody’s Perfect—What’s the Downside?

I can think of very little that doesn’t shine. There’s this—48HrBooks does not manage digital publishing, as do many conglomerate one-stop companies. However, it is so easy to manage that aspect of book publishing, that you owe it to yourself to look into it. Start here at OnText with our how-tos. Ask us questions if you need a boost.

Bottom Line—How OnText Benefits

I swear to a higher power, I am not an affiliate. Nobody slips me a discount. I don’t even get cuts in line to upload my books. The benefit is handing my readers and fellow authors solid information about an extremely trustworthy and high-quality company. It isn’t easy to dedicate your career or any part of it to the muses. Our road is rocky and knowing there is no headache in my publishing process gives me great joy—happy to share it with you.

I’ve heard some real nightmares about POD publishers with hidden costs and their failures to deliver what an author expected. Tell us your experiences with POD or self-publishing, good or bad.




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3 Responses to “Do Not Get Screwed when You Self Publish Your Book”

  1. Thanks for this. I cant tell you how confusing it has been to figure out which way I want to go with my book about military families.

  2. I work at 48HrBooks in customer service!! I love this blog and we appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience with us.
    We DO answer our phones and emails 🙂
    any questions don’t hesitate to call 800-231-0521

  3. You made me smile, Brittany! Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion when you’re good! 🙂 Thanks for coming by!