Sell your writing with 9 effective promotion and marketing tips


Sell your writing. Promoting and marketing your book project is essential to success, no matter how good your publisher is. That’s especially true if you elect to self-publish or e-publish. Fran Silverman, author of Talk Radio Wants You is a successful New York based author and talk show host. Fran has several book projects under her belt and is a publicist for more than 100 veteran authors and writers. She told me her secrets to selling her writing.

Here are Fran’s secret ways to sell your writing successfully:

  1. Create a website for your book. Have a supply of business cards handy. Add your book site url to stationary, email signatures and any place else you can put it.
  2. Go on the radio.Talk radio. It’s a great place to be “seen” whether you write fiction or non-fiction. Target the conversation to a part of your book that will interest local listeners.
  3. Know your subject well, be an expert and believe you know it better than anyone. It’s a must to be conversant on your topic, in writing or in conversation.
  4. Speaking about your book in person, on the radio, or via podcast is a perfect way to interest people and to personalize your marketing message. It can mean instant sales.
  5. Collect addresses for any person who expresses any interest in your or in your writing. Never let a contact go unrecorded. Create a database and market to those people. Fran has collected a database of more than 350 fans that became paying subscribers. She has another that represents hundreds of talk radio hosts.
  6. Package your marketing ideas and promote those ideas. Newsletters, coaching, consultations. Those may become revenue streams as the book takes off.
  7. Commit to your business network and build it. Advantage current technology like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and blogging.
  8. Follow what your competition is doing. Subscribe to their newsletters. Model their good ideas, discard their bad or improve upon them.
  9. Never pass up an opportunity to talk about your book, online or off.

Read more about how Fran Silverman built her success.

You can find Francine Silverman online here:
She has a blog radio talk show
Her website is Talk Radio Advocate
Her nationally known newsletter for writers is Book Promotion Newsletter

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  1. Francine Silverman can tell you a lot about using talk radio to promote your work.


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