Sell Your Writing but Don’t Just Do It for the Money

sell your writing

It isn’t ALL about writing for money

Part 4 of The Business of Writing — Why writing is better when it’s not just for the money

(This is a special guest post by one of our favorite writers. Grant will visit once or twice a month and explain the business of writing. His articles are spot-on for authors and writers interested in developing business sense or refining the way they run their writing businesses.)

By Grant McDuling 

Let’s face it, receiving a check for your writing is great, but is it all that it’s about?

When I first started out as a freelance writer, all I dreamed of was seeing my byline in a magazine. And when that started happening, I couldn’t care less if I got paid or not; the thrill of seeing my name in print was the greatest kick I could have received. Period.

But as time went on, that suddenly wasn’t all that important anymore either. I found that my focus had changed in ways I could never have guessed.

I began concentrating on the craft itself and not just on the end result. I found myself writing, not for the money but rather for the sake of writing itself.

This is what I observed:

  1. I began to develop my own unique style, or voice.
  2. I found I could get to the point much sooner and with greater clarity.
  3. I had more fun writing.
  4. My acceptance rate began to increase.
  5. I could write an article on the fly and without having to wrestle with the topic at al.l
  6. I became a more productive writer.
  7.  I became a far more creative writer.
  8. Once I had taken my eye off the financial side of writing, the money started to flow.

So how do you approach your writing? Do you struggle to get the words down on the page in a reasonably efficient manner? Are you wrestling with your thoughts or having difficulty getting them down as you intend? If so, perhaps you should try to adopt a more relaxed approach to the craft and write from your heart instead of from your mind.

Give it a try; you might just find, like I did, that it’ll do the trick and unlock the success you are looking for.

Grant McDuling ghostwriter

Grant McDuling, author and ghostwriter



Grant McDuling is a Brisbane-based author of 35 books, so far. He has published three as Kindle books and says that since buying a Kindle, his reading habits have changed. Grant is a well-known ghostwriter, having written for a range of clients all over the world, Many of his books are now international best sellers with sales in the millions. Grant has been writing since 1978. His other interests include amateur radio, computers, electronics and classical music. He is also working hard at improving his golf swing.





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