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Writer and professional blogger Ali Hale created a digital course called Staff Blogging to help other writers develop yet another reliable revenue stream in these times of economic hysteria – I mean challenges. I had a chance to use and review the staff blogging course. Here’s what I found. 

From the discussion of setting goals to the one on writing headlines that sell your writing, Ali Hale’s Staff Blogging Course is not a marketing tool to sell her website. It’s a useful, information-packed study of staff logging – writing regular blog entries for specific sites for pay. Ali has been a corporate trainer, has written training classes and seminars and is a working staff blogger who earns her living by practicing what she offers her students.


 The best of Ali Hale’s Staff Blogging Course  

  • The Staff Blogging Course is well organized, easy to follow – gets right to the meat.
  • Work at your own pace
  • The writing is clear, well thought out, intuitive. As soon as your mind forms a question, Ali has answered it.
  • The exercises walk you through what you need to know, whether you’re a beginning writer or a seasoned pro.
  • The Staff Blogging Course stays on topic, wastes no time.
  • Author Ali Hale names names and tells all. Many e-book courses tease with “learn all you need to know” rhetoric, but never give a clue about finding markets or selling your work. Ali gives specific examples that lead you to discover additional resources.
  • The course is inexpensive – less than $20. 

Things that could be improved in the Staff Blogging Course

I couldn’t come up with a thing and no, I don’t know Ali personally.  

The course pays attention to detail and shows pride in the workwomanship. It can stand against any other out there, and I have seen most of them. Ali is good at marketing and respectful of her readers’ intelligence. She doesn’t hammer you with sales pitches – she’s professional, adult and appropriate. Other online marketers could learn from her.


If pushed to criticize, I’d say she might consider doing less blogging and writing more courses! As a matter of fact, I secured two new staff blogging assignments after working through her course. And maybe she’d consider a livelier color scheme…

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3 Responses to “Staff Blogging Course helps sell your writing”

  1. Thanks for the review, and all your kind words. I’m especially delighted that you found the structure intuitive and that questions were answered as they arose … I very much aimed at that, so it’s great that I managed it!

    It’s fantastic to hear you got some new assignments from the course — in fact, I spotted your rather delicious looking chicken/turkey burgers recipe in my DLM feed earlier this week, so I’m wondering if that was one of them! (They sound delicious, by the way…)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – I can recommend it to my readers without a worry!



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