How to Stay Ahead of Your Writing Competition—Six Must Read Blogs

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If you’re going to write books (or write articles) and sell your writing or publish your books, you have to know your industry and stay one step ahead of the competition. Choose your weapons. Do you want to pursue traditional New York style publishers and book agents, or is self-publishing going to work better for you? Maybe your bailiwick is ebooks and digital publishing. Whatever you decide, there are several publications that can help you, in minutes a day, keep hip to the trends.

These are the publications I subscribe to and read, or at least skim, every day while I have my coffee.

Newsletters, Blogs, and People I Read to Keep Up

  1. Publishers’ Lunch—A must have. It’s free, comes with a bunch of other emailings you’ll have to unsubscribe from, but tells you what kind of books are selling to New York publishing moguls right now. Those will publish in a year or so, you know that, right?
  2. GalleyCat by Jason Boog at MediaBistro—This is packed full of info. Sometimes a bit repetitive, and often fairly disorganized, but well-written and in-the-know about books.
  3.—Michael Kozlowski writes well and seems to be up on the digital reading industry. I just told him he needs a proofreader, though, something my friend @MorningStarEdit told me yesterday about my blog.
  4. Dan Poynter’s newsletter—If you’re in to self-publishing, you almost can’t move on without this mailing. He almost invented modern self-publishing and his newsletter offers you tons of free-opportunities to sound your own horn, seek help from others, or pick up on trends.
  5. Sean Platt —As of this writing, he’s known as Ghostwriting Dad, but is in the middle of changing that persona. He has tons of good info for writers who want to make money. He writes a lot, and his posts are long, but you can skim them for the gold in them.
  6. Author Marketing Expert —The least irritating of the marketing experts. These folks are up on what techniques can be heard above the awful cacophony of marketing noise these days.


Of course, I read OnText, right here, every day to see what you have to say. I write it to give you the best advice and resources available to authors/writers. I have been through what you have been through and I’m here to help. Ok, that’s it for today, I have a client waiting to tell me her story so we can get her book born.

Tell us in the comments if you have other resources you just can’t be without.

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    Every single day I recieve up and look through the Forbes report on the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I am going to operate.