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audio books

Conquer Audiobooks—a New Market to Expand Your Author Reach

Jamie Sheffield, our guest writer, is an author, adventurer, traveler who excels at connecting with people and sharing his publishing experiences. We caught up with him for a discussion about his experience having one of his books made into an audiobook.   Jamie, tell me a little bit about yourself? I live in the upstate […]

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fiction fairies and facts

Fiction Writers Can Eff Around with Almost Anything If It’s True

  I’ve neglected my blog readers as I’ve spent a ton of time this month creating strong web visibility for two new clients. I apologize, but the new SEO fascinates me and I’m immersed. Dragged myself out of it last evening and watched two interesting movies on the same topic to see how two sets of […]

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Why You Can’t Get a Cheap Editor AND a Great Book Project

If you shop, you can, without much trouble, find a book editor (or a ghostwriter!) who will quote you, and maybe even work with you at, a really soft price. Like maybe $500 or $600 to thoroughly edit your book. Now, I’m an outstanding developmental editor—well trained, decent reputation, deeply engaged in helping my authors […]

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ontext power

Famous Writing Career Advice Plus 5 Essential Tools and a Bonus

Sometimes picking up that pen or beginning to tap the keyboard is a Herculean task.  Why do we do it? Toni Morrison said she wrote her first book because she couldn’t find books on what she wanted and needed to read about. That’s one outstanding reason for you to write a book, whether you do […]

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Ontext ghostwriting

Professional Ghostwriter Certification Training Boosts Business

My friend and mentor, Claudia Suzanne, founder of the world’s only formal ghostwriter training is on an audacious quest to transform the ghostwriting field and elevate freelancer incomes through community and education. I want to help Claudia get the word out to struggling writers and editors that registration is now open for the next Ghostwriting […]

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Don’t Get Buried in Google Search Results: Do You Have Your Snippet?

When I’m writing a book or an article for myself or for a ghosting client or an editing client and I need information or want to verify facts, I look for real information from real people who know how to write. I don’t care about corporate speak or marketing babble or promotions for products and […]

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Writers Are About to Get a Whole Lot More Respect AND Money

Do you have a clue what author rank or authorship is? How did Google’s page ranking hurt your web viability? Have you even heard of rich snippets and are you using the full power of your body-of-work to make yourself visible on the World Wide Web? I’ve weeded through the mound of articles addressing these topics […]

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Awesome Woman Maryan Pelland

Why I Haven’t Published My New Book at Kindle

I’m so excited to have finished my newest digital book, AWESOME WOMAN: INVENTING YOUR OWN FUTURE. This one has been a labor of love in the authoring, the illustrating, and the publishing. I’m proud of the book design, pleased with being able to share writing that comes from a life of experiences, and delighted to […]

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print on demand create space

Simple Steps to Using Amazon’s Publish on Demand Create Space

If you’re a writer, author, ghostwriter who’s had enough of puzzling through the miasma of digital publishing options and needs a break, why not think about making a book avaialble in paper? No, really, print-on-demand with Amazon Create Space is quick, easy, and can be free if you don’t get carried away. You can use […]

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Lucky Seven Ways to Increase Your Ghostwriting Income—Start Right Now

Clients, associates, and miscellaneous authors ask me how I make a full-time income as a ghostwriter/author consultant. I’m going to tell you some of my secrets. If you put them into diligent practise, you’ll increase the amount of work you have and, consequently, your income. Make sure you know what you’re doing. Study the industry. […]

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