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How can writers make money on the web?

Writing for the web will make a name for you. Website writing can develop an audience. Writing for web publications can help, via links, to promote other writing you do or other sites you edit or own. But there still are few robust, defined ways to make significant income from writing on the web. Huge […]

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Steps to becoming a freelance expert on any topic

One way to become a successful freelance writer and sell writing regularly is to become an expert. How do you become an expert? Position yourself in front of a lot of people with facts, opinions and news about your platform, or topic. Expertise, being an expert, is largely a perception on other people’s part. That […]

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Paying Market for Freelance Writers

Examiner.com is a fairly new market – been around since spring, 2008. Examiner.com is run by one of the largest, most successful media companies in the world and they know how to treat writers. Do me a favor – if you go apply to be an Examiner writer, tell them Maryan Pelland, ID 5356 sent […]

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