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Grant McDuling ghostwriter

Business of Writing – How to Make a Living as an Author or Writer

So You Want to Write for Money? (This is a special guest post by one of our favorite writers. Grant will visit once or twice a month and explain the business of writing. His articles are spot-on for authors and writers interested in developing business sense or refining the way they run their writing businesses.) […]

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Are There Dirty Little Secrets on Pinterest?

I think not. I saw a post at a blog called Bullguard. The writer promises dirty little secrets about your Pinterest account. This post is a great example of jumping on board a trending topic and riding it to a traffic spike for your blog. It’s also an example of not really delivering what your […]

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Mastering MS Word

Getting One-Up on MS Word 2010: Taming the MSWORD Ribbon

Get a grip on the MSWord ribbon Some writers and authors using Office 2010, or more specifically, MS Word 2010 or 2007, wrangle with the ribbon that replaced file tabs. Mastering Microsoft’s bloated programs is never easy and figuring out functions hidden within the ribbon is puzzling. Here are four easy and essential tips for […]

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Pinterest hooks you to new people

Make Pinterest Work for Your Writing

Pinterest popped up in March 2010 and has become the third most popular social media site. Check that! Pinterest is ahead of Google+, StumbleUpon, and all other social media save Twitter and Facebook — and Pinterest is gaining on them. A 30 year-old ex-Google employee from West Des Moines, Iowa spawned this wonder. Ben Silbermann is his […]

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Self publishing Dana Sitar

Self-Publishing — Making Your Bones

I guess analogy sort of makes publishing like the mafia. I don’t know if I would draw that connection too broadly, but there is this one similarity: If you sit on the sidelines and call yourself a writer for too long, eventually you’re going to be called upon to prove yourself worthy of the title. […]

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secrets of writing

Quick Secrets of How to Get Published ASAP

The secret to writing success lies partly in having interesting things to write about whenever you need them, but success comes mostly from discipline. Set a time to write every day. It works best to do it at the same time each day and for at least an hour. If you’re serious about selling your […]

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Do Not Get Screwed when You Self Publish Your Book

Any writer or author researching how to self-publish or print-on-demand or POD a book is bound to end up dazed and confused. If you find your way out of the maze of double talk from many self-publishing or print-on-demand companies, you may well end up ripped off.  I will tell you how to avoid that. Let’s […]

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writers must subscribe

How to Stay Ahead of Your Writing Competition—Six Must Read Blogs

If you’re going to write books (or write articles) and sell your writing or publish your books, you have to know your industry and stay one step ahead of the competition. Choose your weapons. Do you want to pursue traditional New York style publishers and book agents, or is self-publishing going to work better for […]

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censorship by smashwords

Why Should Mark Coker and Smashwords Have Special Rights? Money? Power?

Nonsense to both. Mr. Coker is ranting around the Internet about how PayPal dissed him and his ebook publishing website, Smashwords.  By now we know PayPal told him to lose  nasty ebooks dealing in bestiality, rape, or incest or lose PayPal priveleges. A cry went up and was heard across the land. Poor Mark. Poor […]

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Paypal censoring Smashwords?

Will PayPal Censor Smashwords Authors and Books?

  Are you an author who sells writings? Then you should follow the debate between PayPal and Smashwords. Smashwords is one of the key players in the development of our burgeoning epublishing industry and PayPal is, of course, the way to exchange money online. Why should you care about a face off between these two juggernauts? […]

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