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POD or traditional publishing?

Why you need to know all your author publishing options

Memoirs still sell. Publishers still buy them. Just take a look at Publisher’s Lunch online and see how often publishing deals are made for memoir manuscripts. And competition is fierce. First, all the celebrities’ memoirs have to get published. Then the sports people. Then the people with a sensational angle that splashes across headlines. Then […]

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unusual jobs boost writing career

Ten unusual ways to earn more money as a writer

Competition is fierce in the world of magazines, newspapers, and Web writing. Tens of thousands of writers vie for thousands of  jobs and rates plummet to pre-21st century levels. If you’re felling frustrated, and worse, if your bills are not getting paid, rethink your writing market strategies and consider a few out-of-the ordinary writing gigs […]

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free yourself from writers' block

Freewriting – The easy way to cure writers’ block

Here’s a brain relaxer for writers and authors who claim to suffer from that great inky malady, writers’ block. Freewriting is a neat trick that gets your brain flowing and your words onto paper or into pixels with a minimum of effort. Freewriting is fun. You may learn a lot. Some of the most famous […]

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Create hanging indents in MS Word or in your blog

A hanging indent is a paragraph style in which the first line is not indented, and all the rest are. It’s called a hanging indent because all the lines appear to be suspended beneath the first line. Writers working in academics, working with APA (American Psychological Association) and other structured applications often need to use […]

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editorial services

OnText ghostwriting service comes to Thumbtack.com

We recently found an awesome networking website for professionals and creatives. Called Thumbtack.com, it’s a place for entrepreneurs and small business people to make some noise about their business and services. Thumbtack is local-centric, meaning they focus their various sites on localities and regions so you’re not competing with the entire world when the clients […]

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Freelance writers: Six essential resource links

For more than five years, OnText has been a resource for writers. Here are six essential links to feed your freelance writing success. Add yours in comments, and let me know how I can help you sell your writing and make more of your writing career. My first post on WordPress – how a blog […]

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Writing for $5 — How Do Real Writers Compete?

There’s a protest movement in social media. “Real” writers spend tons of time complaining that non-degree writers work for $5 per article. They howl that cheap SEO writers and hacks are ruining the marketplace for “real” writers who should command $2 or $3 per word. Writers are going down the tubes! Hold on. Many, many […]

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Loading your website with keywords for page rank

If you are still cramming your website with keywords, or making keyword focus your priority or jamming web pages full of keywords, you may not be up-to-date with Google and other search engines. Playing  with optimization for single words, or hiring someone to take your money and optimize your site, is like paying someone to […]

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Why people don’t read self-published books

Why don’t some people take self-published books seriously? Not everyone can interest an agent or publisher in their work, just as not everyone (no matter how talented) can play in the NFL. Some writers make the effort and pay the cost and self-publish. Writers sell writing to live, you know. Some really skilled football players […]

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Content mill Suite101 may be improving for writers

I’ve written for Suite101 and other content mill farms in various iterations on and off for about 10 years and have seldom been a fan of how they treat writers. But let me say this: Suite101’s newest management team, seems to have a better path. There have been a confusing number of shake ups there, […]

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