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editors and writers

Tips for Writers to Please Editors and Make Sales

Another guest post from Grant McDuling’s series on the business of selling your writing. by Grant McDuling  Do you understand what editors want from you, the self-employed writer? Or do you think you know? Don’t make the fatal mistake of submitting what you thinkthey need; that will most likely result in another rejection letter. How […]

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in defense of ripening

Why Almost All New Writers Suck

WriterBeware is one of my favorite blogs because owner Victoria Straus gives something of value to writers and authors in the  majority of her posts. Today, she outdid herself, offering extreme value to writers, authors, and our industry as it is evolving. Her guest post is about how writers and authors are trashing our own […]

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Pinterest hooks you to new people

Make Pinterest Work for Your Writing

Pinterest popped up in March 2010 and has become the third most popular social media site. Check that! Pinterest is ahead of Google+, StumbleUpon, and all other social media save Twitter and Facebook — and Pinterest is gaining on them. A 30 year-old ex-Google employee from West Des Moines, Iowa spawned this wonder. Ben Silbermann is his […]

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OnText Grammar Police talk about how unique a thing can be

Google the phrase “more unique” and you will likely encounter some 74,000,000 incorrect, from my point-of-view, uses of the word unique. Unique is an absolute term. It describes something that has no equal, no peer. Like, “The Earth is unique among the planets we know.” I always felt completely secure in that point of view. I […]

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Why writers care about Archie Comics new gay character Kevin Keller

Don’t tell me you never read Archie Comic books, cuz I won’t buy it. I still read them, and am really pleased to see the always contemporary series is introducing a gay character to their engaging cast in Riverdale. The September issue of Veronica will feature girlish pursuit-turned-bromance when Veronica sets her sights on Kevin […]

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Grammar Day tips from OnText Grammar Police

If you missed National Square Root Day yesterday, geek yourself silly with National Grammar Day. The tips I have to offer from OnText Grammar Police consist of a list of sites that are celebrating in far grander style than we’d have the energy for. Grammar Day Web Resources: National Grammar Day Grammar Girl Quick and […]

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Web writing or blogging means you must write tight

Web writing is different from writing for magazines or writing a novel – especially different from NANOWRIMO. We web readers are in a desperate hurry and very impatient. We dive in, look for the gold and jump out. If you want to compete and would like attention to your blog, you simply must learn how […]

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OnText grammar police – passive voice is not taboo

Passive voice. Never use it, right? Passive voice schlocks up your writing and kicks off all kinds of warnings in MS Word’s grammar police function. Doesn’t it? No. Passive voice is not taboo, and many excellent writers use it effectively. You have to know the rules and know what you want to say. I completely […]

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Ontext grammar police – matching verb and noun numbers

If you want to sound like a knucklehead, the best thing to do is to mismatch your verbs and nouns. Here’s the rule from grammar police – plural nouns need plural verbs and singular nouns need singular verbs. There’s no option involved, and collective nouns are singular, not plural. I read junk every day – […]

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OnText grammar police top ten pet peeves

A communications professional’s pet peeves By Gail Sideman I’m a journalist and publicist so it should come as no surprise that I’m picky about the way words are used. The number of media outlets has grown tenfold in the last quarter century, and as a result, so have misuses of words in almost every arena. […]

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