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Writing Children’s or Young Reader Books? Great Source of Publishing Help

I found a solid resource for ghostwriters, authors, and writers who specialize in books for children, young adults, and young readers. Dear Editor.com is a website from Deborah Halverson, a former editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for a decade. After jumping out of corporate publishing, she authored Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies YA novels Honk If You […]

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The Dovekeepers

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman: Review and Advice

I reviewed the Dove Keepers on GoodReads.com here’s the review and some comments for authors. The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman My rating: 3 of 5 stars This woman is my favorite author. Period. She paints with the English language and with her mind. The Dove Keepers is up to her usual standards and a serious […]

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Tweet with power

5 Tips — Gain Readers on Twitter without Ever Promoting Yourself

This very well researched and detailed explanation is a guest post from expert writer and social media guru, Dana Sitar. Authors know by now that Twitter is supposed to be an invaluable networking and book marketing tool, but some still don’t quite understand how. Follow many indie authors, and you’ll see a slew of garbled […]

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Grant McDuling ghostwriter

Selling Your Writing: Taking the Plunge — Preparing to Write Full Time

Part 3 of The Business of Writing – Taking the Plunge — Preparing to Write Full Time (This is a special guest post by one of our favorite writers. Grant will visit once or twice a month and explain the business of writing. His articles are spot-on for authors and writers interested in developing business sense or […]

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Ghostwriters Polish Your Books

Writing Your First Book Without A Ghostwriter or Substantive Editor Will Eff You Up

If you are passionate about writing a book, or about having written a book, then the book becomes one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Author or writer success is not about becoming well-known or signing contracts or selling books; it’s about creating a written work that expresses what you had inside you […]

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Mastering MS Word

Getting One-Up on MS Word 2010: Taming the MSWORD Ribbon

Get a grip on the MSWord ribbon Some writers and authors using Office 2010, or more specifically, MS Word 2010 or 2007, wrangle with the ribbon that replaced file tabs. Mastering Microsoft’s bloated programs is never easy and figuring out functions hidden within the ribbon is puzzling. Here are four easy and essential tips for […]

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So easy even a writer can publish a book

Any Author Writer Can Publish Online with Pressbooks Tool

I’ve been hand-to-hand wrestling with the online e-publishing industry searching for a way to help my fellow writers and authors. I’m hot on the trail with a new tool called Pressbooks, brought to us by Hugh McGuire, a serial web entrepreneur. He writes for O’Reilly Radar (O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite companies on earth). […]

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Do Not Get Screwed when You Self Publish Your Book

Any writer or author researching how to self-publish or print-on-demand or POD a book is bound to end up dazed and confused. If you find your way out of the maze of double talk from many self-publishing or print-on-demand companies, you may well end up ripped off.  I will tell you how to avoid that. Let’s […]

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writers must subscribe

How to Stay Ahead of Your Writing Competition—Six Must Read Blogs

If you’re going to write books (or write articles) and sell your writing or publish your books, you have to know your industry and stay one step ahead of the competition. Choose your weapons. Do you want to pursue traditional New York style publishers and book agents, or is self-publishing going to work better for […]

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POD or traditional publishing?

Why you need to know all your author publishing options

Memoirs still sell. Publishers still buy them. Just take a look at Publisher’s Lunch online and see how often publishing deals are made for memoir manuscripts. And competition is fierce. First, all the celebrities’ memoirs have to get published. Then the sports people. Then the people with a sensational angle that splashes across headlines. Then […]

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