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Awesome Woman Maryan Pelland

Why I Haven’t Published My New Book at Kindle

I’m so excited to have finished my newest digital book, AWESOME WOMAN: INVENTING YOUR OWN FUTURE. This one has been a labor of love in the authoring, the illustrating, and the publishing. I’m proud of the book design, pleased with being able to share writing that comes from a life of experiences, and delighted to […]

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maryan pelland

I Want to Buy Your Book and Review It

I want to buy your book! But I have Suspended Submissions for the Time Being. Check Back Mar 1. If you have written and electronically published a book, fiction or nonfiction, I’d like to become one of your readers and I want to review your book. In January, Google Plus member Charles Barouch, a brilliant […]

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format your ebook

Hachette Books to Eliminate Crapola in Digital Publishing

If, as an author, writer, ghostwriter, or publisher, you follow electronic publishing industry news and trends, you’re seeing a flurry of news items this week saying that Hachette book publishers has decided to publish all of their titles in electronic format, specifically epub3 format. Don;t think for a moment that the big news in this […]

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Sell your books

Jump Over the Hacks – Publish Your Books and Make Money Fast

Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP for short, could be the most valuable, the easiest, and the fastest way for you to self-publish your book in electronic (ebook) style. For most authors, figuring out how to get their books out to the public has a steep learning curve attached. I’m not saying digital publishing is simple, […]

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descriptions to hook readers

Copy That: Authors CAN Write Book Descriptions to Hook Readers

PART 1 – Why It’s Important to Have a Good Book Description Here’s an incredibly helpful, very specific set of tips on hooking readers and book buyers. Written by our guest writer, Gordon Williams of Babora Books, Canada. Note: The print world uses the term “jacket copy” for that hundred words or so that appears […]

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ebook publishing

On Not Getting Ripped Off When We Publish Ebooks

  Here’s what I think I think about pricing ebook publishing services — or how websites like Pressbooks, LuLu, BookBaby, Smashwords. Amazon, et al can make a lovely profit, provide good services to writers and authors, and allow writers and authors to make a living. Consider that The average ebook sells fewer than 200 copies Many […]

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authors caught in a trap

Vook: An Author Tool in Search of an Audience and a Price Point

Received an email today from Publisher’s Weekly, touting Vook.com, a site they evidently really like, but from which author, ghostwriters, and writers are apparently staying away in droves. Vook is a reiteration of a 2009 company that published print books. By 2011, they went toes up. In March, 2012, they came up with a new […]

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Trust your ghostwriter

Hire a Ghost, But Don’t Pimp the Process

If you  expend energy and money on a talented, professional ghostwriter to make your book shine, you must have a reason. Ghostwriters — good ghosts, skilled ghostwriters, don’t come cheap. Writing a book is never quick or easy. My company just failed on a ghostwriting project and the moral of the story is, the author […]

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So easy even a writer can publish a book

Any Author Writer Can Publish Online with Pressbooks Tool

I’ve been hand-to-hand wrestling with the online e-publishing industry searching for a way to help my fellow writers and authors. I’m hot on the trail with a new tool called Pressbooks, brought to us by Hugh McGuire, a serial web entrepreneur. He writes for O’Reilly Radar (O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite companies on earth). […]

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censorship by smashwords

Why Should Mark Coker and Smashwords Have Special Rights? Money? Power?

Nonsense to both. Mr. Coker is ranting around the Internet about how PayPal dissed him and his ebook publishing website, Smashwords.  By now we know PayPal told him to lose  nasty ebooks dealing in bestiality, rape, or incest or lose PayPal priveleges. A cry went up and was heard across the land. Poor Mark. Poor […]

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