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Easiest Steps to Creating Your Author or Writer Blog

Even If You Know Nothing About Blogs and Web Design By Maryan Pelland   Authors and writers ask me all the time how they can set up a blog without paying a web designer a ton of money and without knowing a whole lot about web mastery. Good question, and you will get as many […]

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Pinterest hooks you to new people

Make Pinterest Work for Your Writing

Pinterest popped up in March 2010 and has become the third most popular social media site. Check that! Pinterest is ahead of Google+, StumbleUpon, and all other social media save Twitter and Facebook — and Pinterest is gaining on them. A 30 year-old ex-Google employee from West Des Moines, Iowa spawned this wonder. Ben Silbermann is his […]

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So easy even a writer can publish a book

Any Author Writer Can Publish Online with Pressbooks Tool

I’ve been hand-to-hand wrestling with the online e-publishing industry searching for a way to help my fellow writers and authors. I’m hot on the trail with a new tool called Pressbooks, brought to us by Hugh McGuire, a serial web entrepreneur. He writes for O’Reilly Radar (O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite companies on earth). […]

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Create hanging indents in MS Word or in your blog

A hanging indent is a paragraph style in which the first line is not indented, and all the rest are. It’s called a hanging indent because all the lines appear to be suspended beneath the first line. Writers working in academics, working with APA (American Psychological Association) and other structured applications often need to use […]

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Freelance writers: Six essential resource links

For more than five years, OnText has been a resource for writers. Here are six essential links to feed your freelance writing success. Add yours in comments, and let me know how I can help you sell your writing and make more of your writing career. My first post on WordPress – how a blog […]

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Steps to becoming a freelance expert on any topic

One way to become a successful freelance writer and sell writing regularly is to become an expert. How do you become an expert? Position yourself in front of a lot of people with facts, opinions and news about your platform, or topic. Expertise, being an expert, is largely a perception on other people’s part. That […]

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OnText Comes to WordPress

OnText, the site for writers has come to Wordpress. Freelance information and resources from Maryan Pelland

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