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So easy even a writer can publish a book

Any Author Writer Can Publish Online with Pressbooks Tool

I’ve been hand-to-hand wrestling with the online e-publishing industry searching for a way to help my fellow writers and authors. I’m hot on the trail with a new tool called Pressbooks, brought to us by Hugh McGuire, a serial web entrepreneur. He writes for O’Reilly Radar (O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite companies on earth). […]

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How to Stay Ahead of Your Writing Competition—Six Must Read Blogs

If you’re going to write books (or write articles) and sell your writing or publish your books, you have to know your industry and stay one step ahead of the competition. Choose your weapons. Do you want to pursue traditional New York style publishers and book agents, or is self-publishing going to work better for […]

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censorship by smashwords

Why Should Mark Coker and Smashwords Have Special Rights? Money? Power?

Nonsense to both. Mr. Coker is ranting around the Internet about how PayPal dissed him and his ebook publishing website, Smashwords.  By now we know PayPal told him to lose  nasty ebooks dealing in bestiality, rape, or incest or lose PayPal priveleges. A cry went up and was heard across the land. Poor Mark. Poor […]

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Easy steps to publish your ebook for Kindle readers

Don’t panic. You wrote your ebook, had the ebook professionally edited, polished the ebook to a gloss and you feel ready to publish that ebook to Kindle’s self publishing site for Kindle readers and Amazon customers. Don’t panic. There’s a learning curve to self-publishing electronically via Amazon’s Kindle, but Kindle has the largest market share […]

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Freelance writers: Six essential resource links

For more than five years, OnText has been a resource for writers. Here are six essential links to feed your freelance writing success. Add yours in comments, and let me know how I can help you sell your writing and make more of your writing career. My first post on WordPress – how a blog […]

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Loading your website with keywords for page rank

If you are still cramming your website with keywords, or making keyword focus your priority or jamming web pages full of keywords, you may not be up-to-date with Google and other search engines. Playing  with optimization for single words, or hiring someone to take your money and optimize your site, is like paying someone to […]

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Content mill Suite101 may be improving for writers

I’ve written for Suite101 and other content mill farms in various iterations on and off for about 10 years and have seldom been a fan of how they treat writers. But let me say this: Suite101’s newest management team, seems to have a better path. There have been a confusing number of shake ups there, […]

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Why I buy self-published or POD books

In a recent LinkedIn discussion a couple people flamed over a comment I made. I advised doing thorough homework before paying a publishing company to handle your book and reading contracts carefully before signing anything. It’s good advice whether you self-publish, work with Simon and Shuster, use  POD, or crank the stuff out on your […]

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Staff Blogging Course helps sell your writing

        Writer and professional blogger Ali Hale created a digital course called Staff Blogging to help other writers develop yet another reliable revenue stream in these times of economic hysteria – I mean challenges. I had a chance to use and review the staff blogging course. Here’s what I found.  From the […]

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can8602_40, Chichen Itza, Maya Ruins, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico by jimg944.

Writers create a language from the Mayan past

Writers, archeologists and common people in South America are, at this very instant, ressurecting a language that died in the 16th Century. Those Mayan people of South America are, as they save the old language, writing a new language. A new language, for writing and speaking, will evolve in the 21st Century. I watched a […]

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