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Steps to becoming a freelance expert on any topic

One way to become a successful freelance writer and sell writing regularly is to become an expert. How do you become an expert? Position yourself in front of a lot of people with facts, opinions and news about your platform, or topic. Expertise, being an expert, is largely a perception on other people’s part. That […]

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Paying Market for Freelance Writers

Examiner.com is a fairly new market – been around since spring, 2008. Examiner.com is run by one of the largest, most successful media companies in the world and they know how to treat writers. Do me a favor – if you go apply to be an Examiner writer, tell them Maryan Pelland, ID 5356 sent […]

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Top Websites for Writers and Freelancers

Here’s a list of top websites for writers and freelancers. These writer websites address a variety of issues. Put this page in your favorites and let me know by way of a comment if you know of more cool sites. Writers need resources. Where do you find new markets? How do you know you’re notbeing […]

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