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writers tell the truth

Stop Wimping Around and Write the Truth

This morning in my Google+ Baby Boomer community I was particularly struck by a post from new member. He said he’s a writer, an author, and has yet to find a robust, consistent outlet for his writing so he can make a living. He went on to tell us that it takes half of every day […]

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Get Ready to Publish Your Book: 5 Things to Do RIGHT NOW

by Dana Sitar Want to publish a book some day? It’s a long road and a daunting task, whether you go with traditional or self-publishing, but you can get started right now on the path, even if you don’t have an idea ready yet. Here are some habits you can work into your routine to […]

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Writing Children’s or Young Reader Books? Great Source of Publishing Help

I found a solid resource for ghostwriters, authors, and writers who specialize in books for children, young adults, and young readers. Dear Editor.com is a website from Deborah Halverson, a former editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for a decade. After jumping out of corporate publishing, she authored Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies YA novels Honk If You […]

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Sell your books

5 Instant Cures for Slow Book Sales

a guest post by Dana Sitar Sometimes you release your self-published book with a bang and sales start pouring in. But when your huge Launch Week efforts start to die down, sales may do the same. It can be disappointing and frustrating to watch things go silent after so much effort and so much success […]

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format your ebook

Hachette Books to Eliminate Crapola in Digital Publishing

If, as an author, writer, ghostwriter, or publisher, you follow electronic publishing industry news and trends, you’re seeing a flurry of news items this week saying that Hachette book publishers has decided to publish all of their titles in electronic format, specifically epub3 format. Don;t think for a moment that the big news in this […]

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Tweet with power

5 Tips — Gain Readers on Twitter without Ever Promoting Yourself

This very well researched and detailed explanation is a guest post from expert writer and social media guru, Dana Sitar. Authors know by now that Twitter is supposed to be an invaluable networking and book marketing tool, but some still don’t quite understand how. Follow many indie authors, and you’ll see a slew of garbled […]

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ebook publishing

On Not Getting Ripped Off When We Publish Ebooks

  Here’s what I think I think about pricing ebook publishing services — or how websites like Pressbooks, LuLu, BookBaby, Smashwords. Amazon, et al can make a lovely profit, provide good services to writers and authors, and allow writers and authors to make a living. Consider that The average ebook sells fewer than 200 copies Many […]

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editors and writers

Tips for Writers to Please Editors and Make Sales

Another guest post from Grant McDuling’s series on the business of selling your writing. by Grant McDuling  Do you understand what editors want from you, the self-employed writer? Or do you think you know? Don’t make the fatal mistake of submitting what you thinkthey need; that will most likely result in another rejection letter. How […]

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authors caught in a trap

Vook: An Author Tool in Search of an Audience and a Price Point

Received an email today from Publisher’s Weekly, touting Vook.com, a site they evidently really like, but from which author, ghostwriters, and writers are apparently staying away in droves. Vook is a reiteration of a 2009 company that published print books. By 2011, they went toes up. In March, 2012, they came up with a new […]

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Simple Steps to FREE Press Releases for Your Self-Published Book

Guest blogger Melissa Breau provides some insight into creating a press list and press releases for your book project. How to Create Your Own Book Publicity By Melissa Breau Some authors write a book and it just explodes — the media picks it up, talks about it, reviews it. It becomes news and sales skyrocket. But the […]

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