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writers tell the truth

Stop Wimping Around and Write the Truth

This morning in my Google+ Baby Boomer community I was particularly struck by a post from new member. He said he’s a writer, an author, and has yet to find a robust, consistent outlet for his writing so he can make a living. He went on to tell us that it takes half of every day […]

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maryan pelland

I Want to Buy Your Book and Review It

I want to buy your book! But I have Suspended Submissions for the Time Being. Check Back Mar 1. If you have written and electronically published a book, fiction or nonfiction, I’d like to become one of your readers and I want to review your book. In January, Google Plus member Charles Barouch, a brilliant […]

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Writing Children’s or Young Reader Books? Great Source of Publishing Help

I found a solid resource for ghostwriters, authors, and writers who specialize in books for children, young adults, and young readers. Dear Editor.com is a website from Deborah Halverson, a former editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for a decade. After jumping out of corporate publishing, she authored Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies YA novels Honk If You […]

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Self publishing Dana Sitar

Self-Publishing — Making Your Bones

I guess analogy sort of makes publishing like the mafia. I don’t know if I would draw that connection too broadly, but there is this one similarity: If you sit on the sidelines and call yourself a writer for too long, eventually you’re going to be called upon to prove yourself worthy of the title. […]

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censorship by smashwords

Why Should Mark Coker and Smashwords Have Special Rights? Money? Power?

Nonsense to both. Mr. Coker is ranting around the Internet about how PayPal dissed him and his ebook publishing website, Smashwords.  By now we know PayPal told him to lose  nasty ebooks dealing in bestiality, rape, or incest or lose PayPal priveleges. A cry went up and was heard across the land. Poor Mark. Poor […]

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OnText Grammar Police talk about how unique a thing can be

Google the phrase “more unique” and you will likely encounter some 74,000,000 incorrect, from my point-of-view, uses of the word unique. Unique is an absolute term. It describes something that has no equal, no peer. Like, “The Earth is unique among the planets we know.” I always felt completely secure in that point of view. I […]

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Freelance writers: Six essential resource links

For more than five years, OnText has been a resource for writers. Here are six essential links to feed your freelance writing success. Add yours in comments, and let me know how I can help you sell your writing and make more of your writing career. My first post on WordPress – how a blog […]

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Why I buy self-published or POD books

In a recent LinkedIn discussion a couple people flamed over a comment I made. I advised doing thorough homework before paying a publishing company to handle your book and reading contracts carefully before signing anything. It’s good advice whether you self-publish, work with Simon and Shuster, use  POD, or crank the stuff out on your […]

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How to Travel Free and Make Money, Too

Travel writing is timeless and will always be a viable freelance market. Almost every type of publication dedicates at least a bit of space to travel. Why? Because it’s human nature to seek adventure, to escape from daily grinds and to explore our world. If you intend to break into the travel market, don’t think […]

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New Writers’ Markets at Hearst? Kindle Clone?

For you, the writer, the path is clear and navigable. Get a new map and change your direction. I doubt Hearst is ready to cut you a deal right this second for your blog, your web magazine, ezine or ebooks. But they may be ready to do that quite soon. New blog jobs!

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