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writers tell the truth

Stop Wimping Around and Write the Truth

This morning in my Google+ Baby Boomer community I was particularly struck by a post from new member. He said he’s a writer, an author, and has yet to find a robust, consistent outlet for his writing so he can make a living. He went on to tell us that it takes half of every day […]

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where are ghostwriting clients?

Selling Ghostwriting Why You Don’t Close Every Deal

Why in the world would anyone want to be a ghostwriter? Your name does not appear anywhere on the ghostwritten book or project. You get no royalties. There’s very little fame or fortune involved in ghostwriting. Well, maybe fortune — if you’re good at it and your business runs properly, this is a lucrative field. […]

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unusual jobs boost writing career

Ten unusual ways to earn more money as a writer

Competition is fierce in the world of magazines, newspapers, and Web writing. Tens of thousands of writers vie for thousands of  jobs and rates plummet to pre-21st century levels. If you’re felling frustrated, and worse, if your bills are not getting paid, rethink your writing market strategies and consider a few out-of-the ordinary writing gigs […]

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Freelance writers wanted — paying job

Don’t you get tired of reading the same over-published, randomly copied Craigslist jobs for freelance writers? These gigs are mostly trash, don’t pay, and some are even out-right scams. However, there are work-at-home, telecommute jobs for writers — jobs that pay decent money. Here’s one of my best finds. A site called Cheapism hires freelancers […]

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Writing for $5 — How Do Real Writers Compete?

There’s a protest movement in social media. “Real” writers spend tons of time complaining that non-degree writers work for $5 per article. They howl that cheap SEO writers and hacks are ruining the marketplace for “real” writers who should command $2 or $3 per word. Writers are going down the tubes! Hold on. Many, many […]

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Why people don’t read self-published books

Why don’t some people take self-published books seriously? Not everyone can interest an agent or publisher in their work, just as not everyone (no matter how talented) can play in the NFL. Some writers make the effort and pay the cost and self-publish. Writers sell writing to live, you know. Some really skilled football players […]

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Publishing jobs still exist-publishers hiring

Browsing Mediabistro’s industry newsletter, GalleyCat, I came upon some good news – there are still people hiring for job opportunities in the publishing world. The Bistro only talked about a few jobs, but it’s a start. I’ll pass these on, with thanks to Mediabistro. It’s so frustrating to cruise the ‘Net for writing related jobs […]

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Break into romance writing at Harlequin

Writing romance novels for money seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Today’s guest writer, Marin Thomas tells you first-hand how to break in to the lucrative field of women’s fiction and romance writing. Breaking In By Marin Thomas, Harlequin American Romance Author A few years ago, I spoke to a group of aspiring writers. I’ll […]

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Freelance writers can survive the economic downturn

Sell your writing even when business is slow A well written, professional business plan is essential to successfully obtaining funding for an entrepreneurial endeavor. Most people dipping toes in the pool of small businesses for the first time are intimidated by the idea of writing a comprehensive business plan. Therein lies another revenue stream for […]

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How freelance writers make real money as staff bloggers

Ali Hale makes real money as a staff blogger, her primary revenue stream. Ali is a freelance writer and entrepreneur, in her 20s, carving out a solid living for herself. This Q&A interview will introduce you to Ali and her new ebook staff-blogging course. Further – you may gain some insight about parlaying one revenue […]

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