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Ontext ghostwriting

Professional Ghostwriter Certification Training Boosts Business

My friend and mentor, Claudia Suzanne, founder of the world’s only formal ghostwriter training is on an audacious quest to transform the ghostwriting field and elevate freelancer incomes through community and education. I want to help Claudia get the word out to struggling writers and editors that registration is now open for the next Ghostwriting […]

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Don’t Get Buried in Google Search Results: Do You Have Your Snippet?

When I’m writing a book or an article for myself or for a ghosting client or an editing client and I need information or want to verify facts, I look for real information from real people who know how to write. I don’t care about corporate speak or marketing babble or promotions for products and […]

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If You Plan to Sell Your Writing, You Have to Please Your Editors

How to Please Editors and Sell Your Writing By Grant McDuling, guest writer Producing and selling articles on a regular basis is the bread and butter of most working writers’ businesses. Now that may be all well and good, you might be thinking, but what should you write about if you want to sell articles? […]

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Grant McDuling ghostwriter

Business of Writing – How to Make a Living as an Author or Writer

So You Want to Write for Money? (This is a special guest post by one of our favorite writers. Grant will visit once or twice a month and explain the business of writing. His articles are spot-on for authors and writers interested in developing business sense or refining the way they run their writing businesses.) […]

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1001 brilliant ideas

1001 Brilliant Ideas for Writers to Steal — New Ebook Cures Writers’ Block!

What writer hasn’t struggled with writers’ block, sometimes every time she sits  down to write? Deadlines loom. Editors gnash their teeth. Words don’t come. Oh! The pain of it! But no more, writers. You can power-up your writing career and meet those deadlines, publish those ebooks, learn how to make money as a writer even […]

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unusual jobs boost writing career

Ten unusual ways to earn more money as a writer

Competition is fierce in the world of magazines, newspapers, and Web writing. Tens of thousands of writers vie for thousands of  jobs and rates plummet to pre-21st century levels. If you’re felling frustrated, and worse, if your bills are not getting paid, rethink your writing market strategies and consider a few out-of-the ordinary writing gigs […]

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Freelance writers wanted — paying job

Don’t you get tired of reading the same over-published, randomly copied Craigslist jobs for freelance writers? These gigs are mostly trash, don’t pay, and some are even out-right scams. However, there are work-at-home, telecommute jobs for writers — jobs that pay decent money. Here’s one of my best finds. A site called Cheapism hires freelancers […]

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Content mill Suite101 may be improving for writers

I’ve written for Suite101 and other content mill farms in various iterations on and off for about 10 years and have seldom been a fan of how they treat writers. But let me say this: Suite101’s newest management team, seems to have a better path. There have been a confusing number of shake ups there, […]

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Writers: Refuse substandard pay and substandard respect

Go to any forum, social media or networking site, or writer blog and you’ll find the battle of what writers should get paid raging on and on. An interview with a most successful writer/ghost writer/publisher, Claudia Suzanne, turned up dead -on advice: Don’t settle for substandard pay. “Bow to your fears, and you will be […]

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Review: Secrets of a Ghost Writer training course

It’s a scary time for writers. Pulitzer Prize winning authors are looking for work; established writers are laid off in droves, and publishers bite the dust daily. But ghost writing is a writing niche in high demand and growing fast. As publishers and agents get pickier about what they accept, and editorial gigs dry up […]

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