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LeLivro—the Next Great Thing? Not If Their Contract Scares Writers and Authors

I just read a strong recommendation for a new website called LeLivro—a website that wants to change the way ebooks are vended—and I felt like I should be onboard. I browsed the site, did some research, and wrote to them asking for an interview. I love their idea: Writers and authors list their ebooks on […]

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authors beware

Ghostwriters STOP Misdirecting Your Clients—Authors Beware

I just finished reading a newsletter from an organization that supports ghostwriters, and I was so shocked that I had to blog about what so looks like casually offhand advice to ghostwriters. Such advice can create serious issues for our burgeoning industry and send our credibility right down the toilet. There is a lot of such […]

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Author solutions investigated

Author Solutions’ Publishing Practices Investigated

In our industry today it’s easy for authors and writers, whether experienced or not, to be taken extreme advantage of as they try to publish their hard-wrought work. One firm that keeps coming up in complaints and warnings across the board is known as AUTHOR SOLUTIONS and they may finally be sorted out and taken […]

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editorial services

Sell Your Book: Get in Bed with a Professional Editor

Authors, writers, ghostwriters, and aspiring writers debate endlessly in communities, forums, and social media sites about editors. One author will say a professional editor is worth any price—you can’t publish without one. Another writer insists that self-editing is good enough. I’ll tell you this: I believe most self- or digitally-published authors are clueless about what […]

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writers can be lazy

Advice from a Pro: Laziness Is the Secret to Writing Success

by Grant McDuling After years of writing for a living, I have found that the secret to writing success is laziness. That’s right, laziness produces results far in excess and out of all proportion to the amount of effort I would normally need to exert in the first place. You see, when I sat back recently […]

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writers tell the truth

Stop Wimping Around and Write the Truth

This morning in my Google+ Baby Boomer community I was particularly struck by a post from new member. He said he’s a writer, an author, and has yet to find a robust, consistent outlet for his writing so he can make a living. He went on to tell us that it takes half of every day […]

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Get Ready to Publish Your Book: 5 Things to Do RIGHT NOW

by Dana Sitar Want to publish a book some day? It’s a long road and a daunting task, whether you go with traditional or self-publishing, but you can get started right now on the path, even if you don’t have an idea ready yet. Here are some habits you can work into your routine to […]

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maryan pelland

I Want to Buy Your Book and Review It

I want to buy your book! But I have Suspended Submissions for the Time Being. Check Back Mar 1. If you have written and electronically published a book, fiction or nonfiction, I’d like to become one of your readers and I want to review your book. In January, Google Plus member Charles Barouch, a brilliant […]

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Writing Children’s or Young Reader Books? Great Source of Publishing Help

I found a solid resource for ghostwriters, authors, and writers who specialize in books for children, young adults, and young readers. Dear Editor.com is a website from Deborah Halverson, a former editor at Harcourt Children’s Books for a decade. After jumping out of corporate publishing, she authored Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies YA novels Honk If You […]

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Sell your books

5 Instant Cures for Slow Book Sales

a guest post by Dana Sitar Sometimes you release your self-published book with a bang and sales start pouring in. But when your huge Launch Week efforts start to die down, sales may do the same. It can be disappointing and frustrating to watch things go silent after so much effort and so much success […]

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