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How to Be Visible in Google Search

If you want attention for your product in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or any other venue, whether you like it or not, your social media marketing has to include a way to be visible in Google search. Here’s why. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/), which translates to over […]

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Awesome Woman Maryan Pelland

Why I Haven’t Published My New Book at Kindle

I’m so excited to have finished my newest digital book, AWESOME WOMAN: INVENTING YOUR OWN FUTURE. This one has been a labor of love in the authoring, the illustrating, and the publishing. I’m proud of the book design, pleased with being able to share writing that comes from a life of experiences, and delighted to […]

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Mastering MS Word

Getting One-Up on MS Word 2010: Taming the MSWORD Ribbon

Get a grip on the MSWord ribbon Some writers and authors using Office 2010, or more specifically, MS Word 2010 or 2007, wrangle with the ribbon that replaced file tabs. Mastering Microsoft’s bloated programs is never easy and figuring out functions hidden within the ribbon is puzzling. Here are four easy and essential tips for […]

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So easy even a writer can publish a book

Any Author Writer Can Publish Online with Pressbooks Tool

I’ve been hand-to-hand wrestling with the online e-publishing industry searching for a way to help my fellow writers and authors. I’m hot on the trail with a new tool called Pressbooks, brought to us by Hugh McGuire, a serial web entrepreneur. He writes for O’Reilly Radar (O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite companies on earth). […]

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Organize your writing

Scrivener Software Is Complicated but Worth the Effort for Writing eBooks

Two weeks ago friend and fellow ghostwriter, Grant McDuling, suggested I look into an extremely robust wordprocessor for fiction and non-fiction writers. Always up for a book writing related adventure I jumped in and found Scrivener authoring software immensely worth my time. There is a learning curve involved with Scrivener, but an hour or two […]

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Easy steps to publish your ebook for Kindle readers

Don’t panic. You wrote your ebook, had the ebook professionally edited, polished the ebook to a gloss and you feel ready to publish that ebook to Kindle’s self publishing site for Kindle readers and Amazon customers. Don’t panic. There’s a learning curve to self-publishing electronically via Amazon’s Kindle, but Kindle has the largest market share […]

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Freelancers: Ten organizing habits of successful writers

Writers used to use 3×5 cards and colored tabs to keep organized and focused and to keep their data in order. Computers make the organizing your writing neater and easier. To tame a large project, a writer needs to break the big project into small tasks. Submissions go more smoothly, tracking is easier and book […]

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Review: WriteItNow software for novelists and writers

WriteItNow is writing software geared to novel writing. It features a storyboard format which is not unfamiliar to most writers. This software is an uber-wordprocessor with some nice features including a nice, large work area and rather robust tools to help a writer organize their thoughts and materials. The purpose of the program is to […]

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Review – Save the Cat screenplay software for writers

Hollywood screenwriter/producer celebrity Blake Snyder sells scripts to Disney and Spielberg, among others. He knows what he’s doing and shares with other writers via his software, Save the Cat. Snyder taught at Chapman, UCLA, Vanderbilt, and the Beijing Film Academy. His book is highly visible in screenwriting classes at U.S. and Canadian universities. His software […]

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