Review: Tips for writing trash-proof press releases

how to write a press release

how to write a press release

Trash Proof News Releases is a handbook (about 200 pages) for anyone who needs to promote a book or product with press releases. You may think you know all about writing press releases, but you could easily be wrong. the goal, as with all writing, is to get them read. Most end up in the trash.

TRASH PROOF NEWS RELEASES is a tool designed with one specific goal – to get you publicity in your target media that achieves a return on investment that rivals and even exceeds your best marketing. It offers you everything you need to know to give media everything they need to run with the story using you and the resources you’ve arrayed and meet their needs in today’s fast paced environment and ever changing technologies. —Paul Krupin

Once you get past those two run-on sentences (whew!) in the promo, there’s gold in the actual book. You may wonder how much there is to say on the topic, but the book answers that question. You’ll feel as though you’ve taken a course in press releases – and that’s a good thing. Press releases represent free publicity for your endeavor. FREE is a good price.

Author Paul Krupin deals in depth with how to write a release, how to know you’re ready to publicize your stuff, how and where to send it, and how to follow up. His book is a free download from Smashbooks.

What’s in it for you

You’ll learn how to exploit three reasons an editor would be interested in your press release :

  1. It could interest and expand the media outlet’s target audience
  2. It will provide unique added value
  3. you are easy to verify, trust, and work with

There are actual sample releases that are helpful. I always learn better form examples. There are appendices chock full of suggested effective  topics for releases in different businesses.  The back of the book information is priceless – a resource you’ll use over and over. Once you read this book, it’s likely your marketing efforts will be power-boosted and your efforts should bring more positive results.

About the author

Paul Krupin

Paul Krupin

Paul Krupin is a PR guy and evidently knows his business. He’s a scientist, a once-upon-a-time attorney, an author, and a fascinating person.His website is filled with useful information and free stuff to download. Interestingly, though Mr. K is a busy person, he is available for questions and comment via email. Check his website for the address. He is also available for consulting – that’s his business.

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