Top Websites for Writers and Freelancers


Here’s a list of top websites for writers and freelancers. These writer websites address a variety of issues. Put this page in your favorites and let me know by way of a comment if you know of more cool sites.

Writers need resources. Where do you find new markets? How do you know you’re notbeing ripped off? Whether you are fact checking, beginning a piece or trying to cite a source on expert advice, the writer resources listed below can be a great help.

Literary Law Guide – Copyright news and tips from expert legal source

Preditors and Editors – find out where writers are respected and treated appropriately…and where they are not – could be the last remaining magazine in print for writers – one-stop resource for info on books, writing and publishing – check their job page – if you have skill and polish this is an awesome place to find work

Google Books – you can actually read sections of books and sometimes whole books here – great place to find a quote or citation 

Amazon – no writer can work wihtout this site – buy books and stuff, find reviews, read user comments, a world of tidbits 

Bartleby Online – look up things in dictionary, thesaurus, whatever 

Cliché finder  – put in a couple of words and see the cliche that relates. Then, don’t use it. Create something fresh!

Find an Expert – as of this writing, this is still a free site. Look up an expert on the topic you want to cover. There’s contact information here.

Tell us all if you have good or bad experiences with these websites for writers.

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