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These are our writer, blogger guidelines.

Good writers should be paid! If a writer produces a work product, that writer should be paid and OnText pays writers $40 per accepted post, including those who write guest posts that don't actively promote a product, appearance, or service.

Simple steps to submit a guest post and get paid:

  1. Subscribe to the OnText blog and read with us for a while. Successful guest posts come from readers who know us and our audience.
  2. Read and follow the writer’s guidelines below.
  3. Send us a well-composed headline and outline your idea for a guest post.
  4. Wait for an invitation to submit your post for approval.
  5. Receive approval, write your most polished, clean prose, and send it to us via email or contact form.
That's it! The rest is up to us, and we do this:
  • We may tell you the topic isn't exactly right for us at this time. No hard feelings, just try again sometime.
  • If revisions seem in order, we'll request them.
  • If your work shines, we'll make an assignment. That's not a guarantee we'll publish the finished piece, but we'll do our best!

About paying you money and protecting both of us:

OnText and Maryan Pelland pay on publication. We use 2-3 guest posts per month, so your post may be published in a few weeks or a month, but don't worry, we'll keep you posted.  :) OnText buys exclusive first digital serial rights. We also reserve the right to reprint your post on other sites and in ebooks at any time, forever. We reserve the right to edit or change your post. You have full rights to use your work as you choose after 90 days, electronically or in print. Once we accept your idea, please submit the full post, clean and edited, a head shot in 72 dpi, a 50 word or less bio, two of your links you'd like to have included, and your Paypal address. Acceptance of an idea does not imply acceptance of the post, and does not guarantee publication. We pay via PayPal™ in U.S. dollars immediately on publication. Our rate for high-quality posts is $40. If we love your topic, but your post requires substantial work to meet our standards, we may offer you a chance to have it published at a lower rate, but acceptance of that rate is up to you. Every published post gets a byline and a link back to your blog or website. You'll receive a complimentary copy of our e-book, MAKE REAL MONEY AS A FREELANCE WRITER. We'll even follow you in social media, especially if you follow @mkpelland or Maryan Pelland's Google+. On the day your post goes up, please visit OnText and respond to comments. That makes our readers feel connected and enhances your reputation as a writer.

A Word about quality, not quantity:

OnText is all about empowering skilled and dedicated writers, and we expect you to pay strict attention to the quality of your work. Each post you submit has to reflect care and concern on your part, as well as respect for our readers. Topics must add value for our readers, most of whom are writers like you. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and all copy logistics of that sort absolutely count. We reserve the right to reject or accept any idea for any reason or no reason. DO NOT SUBMIT AN ENTIRE BLOG POST. It will not be read or considered.  We really like writer Carol Tice's websites, especially Make a Living Writing. Wander over there for more paid blogging opportunities, and have a look at her list of paying blogs.  You'll get that mortgage payment made yet!