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You should write a book!

People tell you that, and you want to write your unique life story, or author your parents’ memoir. But are you tough enough to spend personal time doing what you hated to do in schooling or at work—researching, composing, and writing? I’ll help you get that brilliant book between its well-deserved covers without your suffering a single moment of stress or performance anxiety. I promise!

OnText’s Your Life Story project has the power to protect and secure your family memoir or business history. We work closely with people like you who have a story to write but don’t have

  • the time,
  • the knowledge,
  • or the experience

to put that personal history into the book they’re yearning to write.

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Need help making sense of your book?

Need help making sense of your book?

Email me right now to set up a FREE consultation. That’s right. For an hour, we’ll talk comfortably and stresslessly on the phone about your life story, your goals, and how, as partners, we’ll finally come to the words, “The End.”

When we compile Your Life Story, you learn a great deal about yourself.

The first life story I wrote belonged to a 95 year-old woman whose adoring grandson contracted with me as a gift to his grandma. When we finished her book, she told me she had never realized how much fun her life story was.

Personal History, Memoir, Your Life Story

No matter how you label it, every person’s story deserves to be shared—with friends, family, the world. Together, we’ll tell a compelling story—your personal history, your grandfather’s memoir, your mother’s life story. Talk to me—let’s get going.

Give a Your Life Story project to someone you love! Birthday (think 70th, 80th, 90th, or that exciting 100th!) Wedding or special anniversary. Birth of a child or grandchild. Holiday gifting. Retirement.

Using our memories helps depression, loneliness, memory impairment,  intergenerational relationships. Call your oldest relative or friend and invite them to consider a Your Life Story personal history project today—before it’s too late.

make money Entrepreneurs: How to Jump Start Your Business

Expand your business reach by authoring a book to empower or educate your customers, clients, associates, or prospects. Become the author who wrote the book on it! Contact me right now and we’ll talk about the book you need to promote your business or present a brilliant idea to your constituents. I’ll get your idea between the covers of a book, and you’ll be the author.

When should you publish your business history, biography, or any business book? For a company anniversary. When you take on a new partner. For your founder’s retirement. To celebrate a landmark event, like your 1,000th customer. On the invention of a new product, process, or service. Any time you want to draw positive attention to your business.

 How does a Your Life Story project work? What’s involved?