Memoir Prices

How do you want to publish Your Life Story?

Short and Sweet Memories

$300 (your text or a one-hour interview). $450 if we conduct longer interviews up to three hours.

Includes 3,000 words, well-crafted and professionally edited. One color page of photos—plus eight black and white photos incorporated into the text. Four good-quality paper, saddle stitched booklets with a soft cover designed by OnText.

saddle stitched binding

saddle stitched binding

What a unique and loving wedding gift and a fabulous way to celebrate a baby’s birth.

Your Treasured Memoir

$650 or $775.  Includes 4,500 words—one color page and up to fifteen black and white photographs integrated with text. Soft cover design, four booklets, spiral bound.


Happy 80th birthday, Mom or Merry Christmas, Dad, from all of us with love. Share the affordable cost with family members.

Your Personal History

$1,600 and up. From 10,000 words—about fifty pages—up to whatever it takes to tell your story. Twenty images in context, one page color. Perfect bound, designed soft cover.

Perfect BindingThis is the choice when you have much to say to a good number of people. It’s a good choice for a medium length story to share with the reading public at large, too.

If you want or need a hard-cover book of longer book length, our fees begin at $8500 and depend upon the project’s complexity, length, illustration, and quantity of color pages.

The Business Book Package

Business books begin at $750 for up to 5,500 words in spiral binding with a cover design. Ebook only projects start at $625. We’ll work up an exact quote determined by length, complexity, selected binding and paper, number of copies desired, and other similar factors.

Your book, the result of our team work together, will be around for generations, making you proud that you took the time to get Your Life Story told. Don’t wait. A quick email is all it takes to get your dreamed of book on its way to reality. This is one of the most important things you’ll ever do, and such a great value!

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